Definition of uncompromisingly in English:



  • See uncompromising

    • ‘The etymology is uncompromisingly straightforward.’
    • ‘Cathy Jamieson's old schoolteacher would probably wince at the tortured sentence just delivered in an uncompromisingly broad Ayrshire accent by Scotland's embattled education minister.’
    • ‘In Our Time is the most uncompromisingly intellectual programme on Radio 4, in which Melv chairs a discussion on scientific, philosophical and historical ideas with a bunch of academics.’
    • ‘But on the day, the main concession to the groom's political allegiance was in the form of the three bridesmaids' dresses, which ran from shoulder to toe in uncompromisingly socialist scarlet.’
    • ‘You are deemed a supremely honest left voice writing in this country's leading liberal newspaper, and you clearly view yourself as uncompromisingly honest.’