Definition of uncompromising in English:



  • 1Showing an unwillingness to make concessions to others, especially by changing one's ways or opinions.

    ‘as an uncompromising Protestant he felt that his country ought to be at war with Spain’
    ‘his voice was uncompromising’
    • ‘Common to both was Hearts being uncompromising and unwilling simply to allow Celtic to dictate.’
    • ‘She also has the integrity to remain uncompromising in the refusal to acknowledge opinions that are not grounded in truth.’
    • ‘Acerbic and subjective he was, but also candid and uncompromising.’
    • ‘It would appear that the new order of Catholicism is as equally inflexible and uncompromising, as the old order would appear to be.’
    • ‘Samples of its uncompromising micronarrative style are easy to pick.’
    • ‘It made him single-minded and uncompromising, and he was not known for his geniality.’
    • ‘German Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, is known as a traditionalist with uncompromising views.’
    • ‘The company believes its reputation for uncompromising quality is one of its most valuable assets.’
    • ‘She is a woman who is single-minded, forceful and uncompromising.’
    • ‘For a party with such a pleasant public image, they have ruffled some feathers with their uncompromising constituency campaigns.’
    • ‘In this case the voters' opinions are highly polarized, and the candidates are uncompromising.’
    • ‘Put the other way around, the respondent is more likely to be dogmatic, technical and uncompromising.’
    • ‘An uncompromising champion of royal authority, he was sympathetic to victims of its abuse by corrupt courtiers.’
    • ‘The words, restless and uncompromising, ask you to wake up, to change your life, to find a better way to live.’
    • ‘Discerning, astute, uncompromising, his leadership inspired one to venture against all odds.’
    • ‘It worked, on the whole, but there are still a few things which push my buttons, and uncompromising arrogant tossers are one of them.’
    • ‘Those who are argue we're using up all of Earth's goodies are just as uncompromising as those who argue we'll never run out.’
    • ‘Levein's opinions, honest and uncompromising, have been a hallmark of his reign.’
    • ‘You will be sharp and uncompromising; your minds will have been forged into lethal weapons.’
    • ‘The Reagan doctrine was an uncompromising policy to win a global struggle between good and evil.’
    1. 1.1Harsh or relentless.
      ‘the uncompromising ugliness of her home’
      • ‘To know that kind of music, which is uncompromising, was up there and to know that folk have found a resonance from his music shows how it has worked and lasted.’
      • ‘The Wayward Cloud is hard going, but it is a distinctive, audacious and uncompromising piece of filmmaking.’
      • ‘And the laws against the corrupt governors should become severe and uncompromising.’
      • ‘As a Gaelic footballer he was as uncompromising as he was skilled.’
      • ‘In addition to the reduced financial benefits, players exist in one of the most gruelling, physically uncompromising leagues.’
      • ‘Caroline Hunt's production is tough, uncompromising and honed to muscled perfection.’
      • ‘On almost every song I couldn't help but tap my feet and bounce along with the uncompromising, intelligent beats.’
      • ‘From the throw-in exchanges were intense as both sides sized each other up with uncompromising tackles.’
      • ‘It was this false, uncompromising bravado, which led her to savagely beat a pensioner couple who lived in a flat below her.’
      • ‘I will be as harsh as truth, and as uncompromising as justice.’
      • ‘The only way to get closer to the source would be to animate it; it's a dead-on, uncompromising tribute.’
      • ‘La vie Nouvelle is one powerful and uncompromising film as it searches the dark world of perversity.’
      • ‘The Redskins fought with uncompromising fervor against both evil and good-hearted colonizers.’
      • ‘In what was a hard-fought encounter, the Dubliners played an uncompromising game under both boards.’
      • ‘This film is no exception, though structurally it fails because of its uncompromising depiction of the truth.’
      • ‘Rey painted an uncompromising picture of poverty, poor education, crime, corruption and fragile democracy.’
      • ‘Unflinching in its attacks, A Ma Soeur is a brilliant piece by an uncompromising and distinctive auteur.’
      • ‘The tackling was hard and uncompromising and at times seemed to mesmerise the man in the middle, Martin Corcoran.’
      • ‘He remains above all an immensely capable and uncompromising storyteller, fixed on extremist subjects.’
      • ‘Pictures of Baxter at the age of four on the uncompromising slopes of Aviemore show a boy with a confidence on skis that belied his British background.’