Definition of uncomplicatedly in English:



  • See uncomplicated

    • ‘In her concentration she had not noticed that they were both still lying uncomplicatedly in the same position they'd started in six hours before.’
    • ‘The latest Korean boy-group seems to be uncomplicatedly serious about their fame, and everyone takes them seriously.’
    • ‘On the contrary, Bacon's view of the hopelessness of the human condition precluded the aspiration to anything as uncomplicatedly elevated or ennobling as grandeur.’
    • ‘Except, perhaps, that rumour suggested Du Maurier had lesbian tendencies, and Gale is uncomplicatedly and richly gay.’
    • ‘Peel was loved for his passionate and eclectic musical tastes, but just as much for the sense he radiated of being an uncomplicatedly and utterly decent human being.’