Definition of uncompassionate in English:



  • Not showing compassion or sympathy for other people.

    ‘a tough, uncompassionate person’
    • ‘I won't reveal more, but the conclusion unwittingly undermines its support for the cause by making activists and supporters look like uncompassionate, extremist kooks.’
    • ‘How stupid and uncompassionate can a person be?’
    • ‘We truly do not mean to be uncompassionate.’
    • ‘The publicity for his case perhaps alleviated a recognised public demand for justice to be served for such victims of indiscriminate and uncompassionate laws.’
    • ‘But decency requires that we either control ourselves or pay the money - not control the lives of the beneficiaries, which is profoundly uncompassionate.’
    • ‘It's not that I am an uncompassionate man, but I guess my bedside manner has evaporated somewhat over the years, considering the majority of my patients are unconscious.’
    • ‘Their goal is to stop consumption to harm the multinational corporations that have " utterly uncompassionate survival instincts ".’
    • ‘It is neither merciless nor uncompassionate to observe that fact.’
    • ‘These new anthems of despair paint their subjects as forced off welfare by uncompassionate conservatives and trapped in low-wage jobs that lead nowhere.’
    • ‘He also has an uncompassionate record on social issues.’
    • ‘Bloomberg can't afford to look uncompassionate in the current environment.’
    • ‘My mother would scold for being a prideful and uncompassionate gossip.’
    • ‘If you think I'm uncompassionate or worse, look at what Pittsburg Steelers football legend Terry Bradshaw is doing.’
    • ‘Knowing that people like Peter hold such extreme uncompassionate views towards boat people - now that scares me.’
    • ‘We feel that besides this being the most unorganised event we have ever walked, officials were very uncompassionate and downright rude.’
    • ‘Vera Brittain talks about this, about the sense in which she sees the professional nurses as a de-sexed figure, an unfeminine, hard, uncompassionate person.’
    • ‘You and your Board should be thoroughly ashamed of your uncaring and uncompassionate position respecting children and men.’
    • ‘He seems abrupt and uncompassionate, and dryly asks what Dabii wants of him.’
    • ‘The vicar remained, his son said, utterly uncompassionate.’
    • ‘How uncompassionate can you get?’