Definition of uncomfortableness in English:



  • See uncomfortable

    • ‘There's something hugely satisfying in my new ability to stand silent for five minutes looking at menus without being compelled to order food by the previous uncomfortableness of such silences.’
    • ‘Why is it okay for straight women to compliment the looks of another woman and then, on the other hand, when men do the same, social uncomfortableness arises.’
    • ‘I honestly don't know what kept me from falling asleep, although it might have something to do with the overwhelming uncomfortableness of the chair I was sitting on.’
    • ‘And I think more than the uncomfortableness and lack of maybe toilet facilities, Kyra, it has been the lack of information.’
    • ‘I didn't cough or splutter… in fact, I felt no awkwardness or uncomfortableness that I thought I might, and so I did it again.’