Definition of uncleanliness in English:



mass noun
  • The state of being dirty.

    ‘general uncleanliness in schools’
    • ‘The condition is not a sign of uncleanliness, but it does cause embarrassment and many unnecessary days lost from school and work.’
    • ‘Or, simply, they will be tarred with uncleanliness through association.’
    • ‘Michael just explained it in that for the Yoruba tribe, a state of uncleanliness marked a period of grieving.’
    • ‘Meat, more than any other food, is hedged around with taboos and notions of uncleanliness.’
    • ‘We must delicately wince at their uncleanliness, while empowering them to sterilise their living spaces.’
    • ‘Would a critical examination of Leviticus' prescriptions for the uncleanliness of women in the Old Testament have been appropriate in 1936 in Germany?’
    • ‘Because - if I am honest with myself on the subject - Fagin is presented to me in the novel as old, ugly, racially alien, and is monotonously associated with dirt, grease, and physical uncleanliness.’
    • ‘Thus, the combination of evil spirit and infirm body in the woman creates a double marginalization of uncleanliness that would have restricted her to the outer edges of her community.’
    • ‘This practice plays a large role in people's misconceptions about the pigs' uncleanliness.’
    • ‘After every episode, she finds herself scrubbing away, Lady Macbeth-like, trying to get the feeling of uncleanliness off her.’
    • ‘For allowing the couple back into his house, her father was slapped by villagers wielding shoes, a deep insult in South Asia, where shoes symbolize uncleanliness.’
    • ‘But they were also listening when their preachers (both black and white) fulminated against the uncleanliness of Sodom and the murder of the unborn.’
    • ‘So, to start the place smelled like mildew and general uncleanliness.’
    • ‘Sharron developed several phobias including claustrophobia and a feeling of uncleanliness no matter how often she washed.’
    • ‘What renders this version of the same theme so shocking is, naturally, the erotic nature of the violence, as well as the usual association of rape with uncleanliness.’
    • ‘Bright fluorescent lighting, self service, general uncleanliness and unsavoury smells are all part of the attraction and charm.’
    • ‘And she knew that washing herself would not take that feeling of uncleanliness away.’
    • ‘Many people associate lice with uncleanliness.’
    • ‘This is often related to the common misconception that infestation with lice is indicative of uncleanliness, although this is unfounded as there is no evidence to support such a view.’
    • ‘I think the two-fold perception of the owl - one of wisdom and magic, the other of death and uncleanliness - seem to complement each other, strangely.’
    contamination, pollution
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