Definition of Uncle Tomism in English:

Uncle Tomism


North American
derogatory, offensive
  • See Uncle Tom

    • ‘Booker T. Washington may have been the essence of Uncle Tomism, as his detractors claim, but he did spell out a workable theory of race relations for his time.’
    • ‘The sardonic poetry therein decries the values of class status and Uncle Tomism while fully embracing the wisdom and value of ordinary folks in all their imperfections.’
    • ‘To my mind, fear of a potential backlash from perceived Uncle Tomism is unwarranted.’
    • ‘Many believe that it is racist for whites to say white supremacy is dead and that it is Uncle Tomism for blacks to say it.’
    • ‘It is the brand of Uncle Tomism which we have all played from time to time.’