Definition of Uncle Tom Cobley (or Cobleigh) and all in English:

Uncle Tom Cobley (or Cobleigh) and all


  • Used to denote a long list of people.

    • ‘Widdicombe fair is a little rural fair held in the broad-spoken heart of Dartmoor, Devon, during the course of which seven old men - ‘Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all’ - ride around on a grey mare.’
    • ‘With newspapers relying in part on whispers from security services, as well as other sources, Proetta was accused of involvement in prostitution, drugs, assault, knowing criminals and Uncle Tom Cobley and all.’
    • ‘The toppled minister is invariably an indispensable friend and support, be it Blunkett, Mandelson, Derry Irvine, Alastair Campbell or Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all.’
    • ‘There are few people who deliberately set themselves up for the public mauling he received at the hands of politicians, business leaders, broadcasters, journalists, Uncle Tom Cobley and all.’