Definition of unclad in English:



  • 1Unclothed; naked.

    ‘unclad beauties in tropical pools’
    • ‘She found Cindy's partly unclad body on her (Grace's) bed.’
    • ‘‘The real crime here is that women can parade their unclad bodies in public places’… he was talking about the beach.’
    • ‘Even less complex is ‘Hunter,’ directed by Paul White, which features the bald head and unclad shoulders of Björk against a white screen.’
    • ‘She pushed the covers aside to reveal her unclad form.’
    • ‘It's mostly relating to unclad pop and sports stars and/or free music, anyway.’
    • ‘One of the unfortunate effects of the process is that the person's clothing rarely shrinks with them, thus leaving them to brave a changed world unclad.’
    • ‘And, no, I wasn't unclad, although it certainly felt like it.’
    • ‘She went over to the nearest one eating and gently tapped on his unclad shoulder.’
    • ‘Cindy's partly unclad body was found on her mother's bed.’
    • ‘There is a primly-dressed 44-year-old female nurse whose unclad abdomen reveals a bizarre array of tattoos.’
    • ‘At last the two meet and there before our eyes appears our first Indian - unclad, copper skinned, long haired, of normal physique, and with the forest knife under his arm.’
    • ‘Use a windbreak to protect unclad limbs from chronic goosepimpling and to stake out your territory so that other families don't stray too close.’
    • ‘Out of this perspective come questions that challenge the self-certainty of Dutch progressives, such as whether women are truly liberated if their unclad bodies are used ubiquitously to market products.’
    • ‘Being dragged out of their hotels in the middle of the night to see gorgeous unclad Thai women in the throws of a budding stage career makes them cranky.’
    • ‘The U.S. Supreme Court refused the City of New York's final attempt to prevent artist Spencer Tunick from moving ahead with a photo shoot to produce one of his panoramic cityscapes containing numerous unclad individuals.’
    • ‘And then the unclad gentleman finally steps into the living room.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, the upper body is left unclad, in what to the Western view is an apparent paradox.’
    • ‘Over the past five years, the Parisian club has produced a special calendar for charity featuring unclad players in a variety of poses.’
    • ‘Never had I seen human beings so clad, or rather so unclad, in such amazing squalidness and destitution of garments.’
    • ‘An employee then escorted the unclad rocker back to the elevator, and implored the young man to clad himself.’
    naked, bare, nude, in the nude, stark naked, with nothing on, undressed, disrobed, uncovered, in a state of nature, undraped, exposed
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  • 2Not provided with cladding.

    ‘unclad girders’
    • ‘The unclad product is furnished in alloys having a low melting temperature.’
    • ‘With its lack of heating, concrete floor and unclad walls, this has to be the coldest gallery south of Helsinki.’
    • ‘Funding is still needed to complete the rear part, a concrete shell as yet unclad.’