Definition of unchristian in English:



  • 1Not professing Christianity or its teachings.

    • ‘‘The church must repudiate once and for all the unchristian formula of male superiority-female inferiority,’ wrote Sheila D. Collins.’
    • ‘Given the struggles of parents in a society whose manners and morals are largely unchristian, which was the case in the late fourth century as it is now, this severity seems excessive.’
    • ‘There are decidedly unchristian aspects such as reincarnation (of the elves) and the ancestor worship many of the characters indulge in.’
    • ‘It wasn't that America is an unchristian country, quite the contrary.’
    • ‘These beliefs existed within the interstices of official faith and ritual and churchmen did not necessarily see them as pagan, unchristian, heretical or erroneous.’
    1. 1.1informal Unkind, unfair, or morally wrong.
      ‘she was possessed of a very unchristian suspicion about her half sister’
      • ‘When words and processes are misleading, it is neither unchristian nor mean to ask for a higher standard.’
      • ‘Are such sentiments substandard, unchristian?’