Definition of unchivalrously in English:



  • See unchivalrous

    • ‘In fact, he was renowned for spending more times in the air than being at home sorting domestic problems, which he unchivalrously has now handed over to his successor.’
    • ‘Also, the duellist in barely saluting his opponent and attacking with two weapons acted unchivalrously.’
    • ‘Like Flaubert, Daudet was a syphilitic, boasting unchivalrously that he'd caught the disease from ‘a lady from the top drawer’.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, colleges were expanding the elective system and allowing the substitution of modern for classical languages, developments which Babbitt unchivalrously blames on the rising numbers of female undergraduates.’
    • ‘There was one seat left which was taken, rather unchivalrously, by Russell, leaving Meg on the floor at his feet.’