Definition of unchanging in English:



  • Not changing; remaining the same:

    ‘the party stood for unchanging principles’
    • ‘The target is changeable, the constant unchanging factor is indignation.’
    • ‘Plato, for example, held that the subject-matter of mathematics is an eternal, unchanging, ideal realm.’
    • ‘The Universe at large was perceived as eternal and unchanging, with ‘fixed’ stars hanging in space.’
    • ‘The parish, as another level of community in Italian towns and cities, was not a constant, unchanging factor.’
    • ‘Barbie's body and face has remained relatively unchanging, symbolizing growing up to the little girl.’
    • ‘Such patriotism was remarkably sustained, though not unchanging, continuing through to the end of the war.’
    • ‘There is nothing lasting, nothing eternal, nothing unchanging in life.’
    • ‘We have always looked on the sun as very permanent and unchanging.’
    • ‘On the contrary, both of them operate according to eternal, unchanging laws.’
    • ‘On the human timescale, rocks seem to be permanent, unchanging features.’
    • ‘In short, for laws to be deemed sound, they must be traced to some higher principle that is unchanging.’
    • ‘One important point frequently stressed about the objects of this kind of pure thinking is that they are stable and unchanging.’
    • ‘Just as the beauty of movie stars cannot last very long, the standards of outward beauty have never remained unchanging.’
    • ‘Like all myths the ancient idea of Oxford is both unchanging and perpetually re-inventing itself.’
    • ‘Therefore ‘transcend yourself’ and seek the unchanging and eternal ground of all being.’
    • ‘Thank you again for reminding us that God's word is eternal and unchanging.’
    • ‘A constant, unchanging image like this, it seems, will cause the screen to burn out.’
    • ‘History was endlessly revised to make the present look like a confirmation of eternal, unchanging truths.’
    • ‘You must not grow - you must be as unchanging and constant as the firmament.’
    • ‘She has remained still, unchanging, as change has swept through the world around her.’
    consistent, constant, regular, even, uniform, unvarying, predictable, stable, steady, fixed, permanent, perpetual, eternal
    sustained, lasting, persistent, uninterrupted, continuous, continual, ceaseless, incessant, unceasing, never-ending, non-stop, interminable, unabating, unabated, unrelieved, unremitting, relentless
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