Definition of unchangeable in English:



  • Not liable to variation or able to be altered.

    ‘personality characteristics are virtually unchangeable’
    • ‘Young Americans today have no point of reference in their lived experience that tells them that collective action can change what is seemingly unchangeable.’
    • ‘There is no constant factor in Nature, and there could be no unchangeable laws.’
    • ‘Consistently, he affirms that joy is at the core of our existence and helps people discover and enjoy for themselves a beautiful place within that which is permanent and unchangeable.’
    • ‘As with the recent death of Pope John Paul II, a reign that had come to seem unchangeable was finally coming to an end.’
    • ‘We cannot repudiate unchangeable truths, their opponents retort.’
    • ‘Once equality becomes thinkable, that is, once the notion that inequalities are eternal and unchangeable is shattered, people begin to seek equality relentlessly and compulsively.’
    • ‘He who makes the most money, makes the rules, and the only unchangeable laws concern supply and demand.’
    • ‘Only one thing is unchangeable, and that is the speed of light, which travels at 300 million metres a second, regardless of how fast anyone observing it is moving.’
    • ‘When we say something is a part of our nature, it makes it seem to be a permanent, unchangeable thing.’
    • ‘Who cares about the unchangeable petty prejudices of the deeply stupid as long as they are prevented formally and rigorously from acting upon them?’
    • ‘And they would not, like the vast majority of white South Africans, accept it as inevitable, eternal, or unchangeable.’
    • ‘This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable.’
    • ‘We do not suggest that there is or should be an ideal or unchangeable system of collective government, still less that procedures are in aggregate any less effective now than in earlier times.’
    • ‘They are constant companions - unchanging, unchangeable.’
    • ‘The newly established status quo could not be left unchangeable.’
    • ‘They are engraved on the political landscape, unchanging, perhaps unchangeable, and the current round of violence and mayhem is no exception.’
    • ‘For Augustine, there are two fundamental objects of knowledge, the created and the Untreated, changeable nature and unchangeable Truth.’
    • ‘Churchill was right all along: he had observed Hitler closely in the 1920s, and understood something unchangeable, constant, within him.’
    • ‘In her opinion, Judaic biblical laws and tradition are sacred and unchangeable, and Kornfeld's presumptuousness in altering them makes him a pagan.’
    • ‘Faced with the same, unchangeable immensity all around one, the years fell away.’
    unalterable, immutable, invariable, unvarying, invariant, changeless, firm, fixed, hard and fast, cast-iron, set in stone, set, decided, established, permanent, deep-rooted, enduring, abiding, lasting, indestructible, ineradicable, irreversible, unfading, constant, perpetual, eternal, lifelong
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