Definition of uncelebrated in English:



  • Not publicly acclaimed.

    ‘an uncelebrated but indispensable role’
    • ‘Through the introduction of different levels of narration, Chen raises and leaves unresolved the question of whether the bodh isattva, though unacknowledged and uncelebrated by the group, is perceived by one of the participants.’
    • ‘He adds that, while the travel industry bubbles us in resorts, ‘Great swathes of the world are increasingly undervisited, misunderstood and uncelebrated.’’
    • ‘I knew I could never return because soon it would cease to exist, along with the lives, emotions and memories of its inhabitants, the ordinary, forgotten, unmourned, uncelebrated people of history.’
    • ‘Academics apart, most people who devote themselves to writing about contemporary art stumble into this underpaid, uncelebrated, but sometimes enthralling field because nothing better has turned up in their lives.’
    • ‘This book is an engaging, humane and personal account of a fascinating, courageous, anonymous and uncelebrated group of Soviet patriots who just happened to be women.’
    • ‘It labours under the dishonour of being chosen by P.W. Botha, apartheid's penultimate kommandant, as a suitable place to ebb away the remainder of his uncelebrated days.’
    • ‘Given the philosophical attitude with which he approaches his art, it probably won't come as a surprise that the humble Alvin is one of those music legends who falls firmly in the unjustly uncelebrated category.’
    • ‘But no amount of tackiness can be worse than a plain white wedding, and it's to civil registrars' great, uncelebrated credit that they will do almost anything these days to accommodate couple's requests, however ill-judged they may be.’
    • ‘It's all we have of their history, the ordinary people, otherwise unrecorded, mostly uncelebrated, anonymous place-holders in the passage of time.’
    • ‘The difference is, though, now that the administration itself is actually doing a very uncelebrated job of tamping down expectations.’
    • ‘Focusing on a single album, as this compilation does, might be a good way to get some of the Beatles' less-appreciated deep cuts renewed attention, but it also forces the exhumation of tracks that would be better left uncelebrated.’
    • ‘Lawrie Sanchez, who seized this job by declaring boldly, ‘I know how to achieve the impossible,’ stood before his uncelebrated squad of players.’
    • ‘This exceptional but as yet uncelebrated baritone rejoices in a lean, spinning, perfectly focused tone of unfailing natural beauty and vibrancy, while his grasp of Verdi style and phrasing is all but complete.’
    • ‘Grofe was not a regular on the Hollywood scene, and his relatively few film scores go deservedly uncelebrated.’
    • ‘An uncelebrated poet whose best-known work was his satire on the Bloomsbury set, he and TS Eliot were early mutual admirers.’
    • ‘While the prizes on offer to artists seem to multiply by the year, the achievement of the humble curator still goes largely uncelebrated.’
    • ‘Unlike Stephenson, another ‘buried’ jewel of a hitter, Johnson never had the good fortune of at least playing for a winner before retreating into the status of an uncelebrated star.’
    • ‘During that time, the uncelebrated Sears has seen its stock go up.’
    • ‘Just like Camille Rodin, like Jeanne Hebertune with Modigliani, like so many other uncelebrated and forgotten women of achievement.’
    • ‘Sadly his fortunes sank with the Great Depression but his prospects were not bleaker than those of so many of his brave but uncelebrated contemporaries whose luck often revived.’
    unnamed, unidentified, anonymous, incognito, unspecified, unacknowledged, uncredited
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