Definition of uncatchable in English:



  • Not able to be caught, in particular (of an athlete or sports team) not able or likely to be equalled or bettered.

    • ‘He came on to the ball beautifully and with two to beat and a couple of yards of wing space to do it in he sped off on an uncatchable 60 metre dash to run round and under the posts, sensibly laying on the conversion for Cadman.’
    • ‘My horse was seriously under weight, miserable, totally uncatchable, petrified of being handled and standing on a concrete bed.’
    • ‘When he rose to fame as a uncatchable winger with the all-conquering Wigan rugby league side, he found the temptations too strong.’
    • ‘However, there is not much chance of this happening, the most likely being that Schumacher would score some points each race making him uncatchable by that stage.’
    • ‘The NY Times is running another story that demonstrates that just because a criminal is using open WiFi doesn't mean they're uncatchable.’
    • ‘The win meant he has enough of a points advantage to be uncatchable for the rest of the season.’
    • ‘No pass interference, the ball is uncatchable!’
    • ‘Madame in action was a performance in itself - like a wild horse galloping off, uncatchable.’
    • ‘If Celtic appear uncatchable in the championship by then, Advocaat is likely to begin long-term planning for his fourth and probably final season in Scotland.’
    • ‘In the end it was a champion performance from Falkirk who have five games left and look uncatchable.’
    • ‘If that little scamp has left the left wing by the time we get there, then I officially announce the child uncatchable.’
    • ‘The formality of another victory eased Celtic to an uncatchable 16 points ahead of Rangers.’
    • ‘When he went 12 under for the tournament after 13 holes, he looked pretty much uncatchable.’
    • ‘He did it in grand style too, winning his last two games to catch up to the seemingly uncatchable Kasparov.’
    • ‘On the hill, though, he was unmatchable and uncatchable.’
    • ‘Bruce was flying very well, but not so well that he was uncatchable.’
    • ‘This crusade is unwinnable because she is uncatchable, she is unstoppable because she is intangible.’
    • ‘But if he is, this act of showing up everywhere, seemingly uncatchable and invincible, is pretty smart propaganda.’
    • ‘The answer may be only a shy, uncatchable phantom, for, as we've said at the beginning, what makes a counterpoint effective lies in judgment and execution, not theory or mode alone.’
    • ‘If there is contact that would be considered pass interference but the ball clearly is uncatchable, no penalty is called.’