Definition of uncastrated in English:



  • (of a male animal) not castrated.

    • ‘I haven't seen them around for a while, but Gordon has enemies, mostly large ginger uncastrated male cats who live further up the street, and occasionally steal food from the kitchen.’
    • ‘For instance, say that uncastrated men really don't want to be chemically castrated, but once they are they don't really suffer much.’
    • ‘Animals which have a carnivorous diet are not generally considered suitable for food, and the meat of uncastrated adult male animals is often shunned.’
    • ‘The stock bull, early born uncastrated males, or unwanted ‘visitors’ from or to neighbouring farms are the likely culprits.’
    • ‘The receipt specifies the product of a stonehorse, that is a horse uncastrated, a full stallion.’