Definition of uncashed in English:



  • (of a cheque or money order) not yet cashed.

    • ‘During the purge of the house, the cleaners found £130 in lost change and £120 in uncashed cheques.’
    • ‘Gogarty retained the cheque uncashed until it became the first exhibit to the Flood Tribunal in January last.’
    • ‘It's not like my uncashed cheque was going to go to a high school teacher's salary or to a homeless shelter.’
    • ‘The group currently operates on an annual budget of slightly more than $2-million, funded mostly from uncashed mutuel tickets and private donations.’
    • ‘If they don't like it, they can bring it back for an exchange or refund on their credit card or receive their uncashed check back.’
    • ‘State law authorized the CHRB to allocate a portion of uncashed pari-mutuel tickets revenue to the Guild for insurance coverage, which amount to approximately $1-million a year.’
    • ‘In 1999, Autotote discovered an employee forging uncashed winning tickets and escorted the employee off the premises but never reported the incident to the commission.’
    • ‘The bill also calls for returning uncashed winning tickets to purses, and authorizes account wagering.’
    • ‘One widow, she said, was carrying around $900,000 in uncashed cheques; another confessed to spending $15,000 on designer clothes.’
    • ‘Last year, the legislature supported a bond issue for improving the tracks by allowing the Maryland Jockey Club to increase takeout and collect uncashed mutuel tickets.’
    • ‘Friends tell stories of tattered old cars and of large honorarium checks left uncashed in a desk drawer for years.’
    • ‘The proposed bill also had included provisions to establish telephone wagering and return uncashed winning tickets to purse funds.’
    • ‘The checks, totaling more than $22,000, came back, uncashed, by registered mail in late June.’
    • ‘Checks written to the program by Brazilian celebrities remained uncashed for months because the government was slow to open a bank account.’
    • ‘The program was spawned from the Horse Race Law, which provides for health funding to jockeys and their dependents through the uncashed mutuel tickets.’
    • ‘There are no chequebooks and uncashed cheques lying around, waiting to vanish into the black hole where keys, biros and odd socks also mysteriously disappear.’
    • ‘In fact, it plans to deposit the uncashed checks into the general account of the Houston Airport System after waiting a year.’
    • ‘Also included are the actual track program from the race as well as an original $2.00 uncashed tote ticket.’
    • ‘She replied that she had never heard of such a ghastly deed, and, consequently, she had no choice but to return my annual stipend unendorsed and uncashed.’
    • ‘So with an uncashed, bad two party check from the ex-exotic dancer in hand, she tries to find a bank that will keep her in body stockings for another month.’