Definition of uncarpeted in English:



  • (of a floor) not covered with a carpet.

    • ‘The majority of the space has a bare uncarpeted concrete floor without a suspended ceiling.’
    • ‘He took her up some uncarpeted side stairs to a small room containing only what appeared to be a photocopier and locked the door behind them.’
    • ‘On his left, across the hall, an uncarpeted sitting room had walls decorated with paste-ons of classical scenes.’
    • ‘Stan has ‘a laugh exactly like an empty tin can tumbling down uncarpeted stairs’.’
    • ‘Floors were vacuumed with a high-efficiency particulate air filter vacuum cleaner at a floor-specific rate, uncarpeted floors were wet-washed with a high-phosphate detergent, and all floors were again HEPA-vacuumed.’
    • ‘Choose an uncarpeted room and protect the table with a cover that you can roll up and throw away or shake off outside and wash.’
    • ‘Priss nearly rocketed right through the ceiling at the sudden and abrupt sound of a fragile object crashing onto hard, uncarpeted floor and breaking into pieces.’
    • ‘Blinding lights found twelve boys immediately jumping out of six brown-painted metal bunk beds onto a bland gray uncarpeted tile floor with an almost military precision.’
    • ‘From inside it sounds like a Spitfire with the whine of the gearbox, a resonance through the uncarpeted cockpit and stones rattling like bullets off the underside.’
    • ‘Priss dropped her grip on the receiver, which promptly clattered onto the uncarpeted kitchen floor with a resounding metallic noise.’
    • ‘Basically the downstairs bathroom and the kitchen are the only uncarpeted rooms, and the kitchen is somewhat of a high-traffic area.’
    • ‘I woke up to Ohio's famously freezing weather and accidentally tripped myself as I got out of bed, therefore landing on my freezing derrière right in the middle of the freezing, uncarpeted floor.’
    • ‘Noise banged through the high-ceilinged, uncarpeted room, matching the din inside her skull.’
    • ‘I met him in the small, relaxed, carpeted upper dining room, as opposed to the larger, more boisterous, uncarpeted ground-floor one.’
    • ‘The floors were hardwood and uncarpeted, and there was an old, dusty smell lingering in the air that made me sneeze.’
    • ‘The past week she had slept on the couch in the living room, but now she was forced to sleep on the cold, uncarpeted floor of Christine's bedroom.’
    • ‘The floor, still uncarpeted wood paneling, was covered next to the bed with a flower pattern throw rug.’
    • ‘Shadow fell upon shadow; darkening nadirs entwining like oily hands across walls and uncarpeted floors.’
    • ‘Half an hour later, as Dawn and I made our way down the steep, uncarpeted stairs, Emily met us at the bottom.’
    • ‘I took the lift, which oddly went only as far as the twelfth floor, then the stairs, which for the brief stretch between floors were dank and dark, uncarpeted and disused.’
    uncovered, unpainted, unvarnished
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