Definition of uncanonical in English:



  • 1Not conforming to or ordered by canon law.

    • ‘Though uncanonical, they have the same standing as the ‘Kings.’’
    • ‘So, the Boston group made yet another uncanonical departure from the bishop they had pledged obedience to, and ended up with the Synod of Archbishop Auxentios.’
    • ‘That the doctrine of the filioque and its uncanonical insertion in the Latin creed present serious obstacles to the reconciliation of churches has long been clear.’
    • ‘Instead of having a lawful and real Primate, we will recognize one that is uncanonical, born of schism, sullied by sergianism and ecumenism, and therefore without Grace.’
    • ‘The uncanonical actions of Metropolitan Valentine were submitted to the Synod for their decision by Archbishop Gregory in a formal accusation.’
    • ‘The punishment for such a violation is to be banned from performing any priestly function until the uncanonical act is expunged through repentance.’
    • ‘Only in 1832 a Synodal ukaz legitimized the uncanonical under-age tonsure.’
    • ‘However the situation we have now is uncanonical and gives a bad impression to many of Orthodoxy.’
    • ‘In this way, they proved that their true allegiance had always been with those uncanonical and schismatic groups.’
    • ‘It was stated just now that our Lord was deeply versed in uncanonical as well as in canonical Jewish writings, i.e., in Hellenistic Jewish literature as well as in the Old Testament Scriptures.’
    • ‘Still, sensing the uncanonical nature of this church, the Council of American Bishops meeting in Pittsburgh in 1936 recognized the Synod of Bishops.’
    • ‘His appointment to Canterbury after the Norman Robert of Jumièges had been forced into exile was also deemed uncanonical by the papacy.’
    • ‘It was uncanonical due to the fact the ROCOR Synod of bishops forbad, twice, the consecration to take place, and one of the bishops was a New Calendarist.’
    heterodox, heretical, nonconformist, dissenting, dissentient, renegade
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  • 2Not belonging to a literary or other canon.

    • ‘The implication of my original findings that uncanonical poets can surpass cultural marginalization is that the book will target both a traditional and modern readership.’
    • ‘The selection criteria for literary material aims to be uncanonical, in representing the literature of a whole period rather than concentrating on major writers.’