Definition of uncalled in English:



  • 1Not summoned or invited.

    ‘the only love of his young life had come uncalled and overpowering’
    • ‘As it leaves no aspect of earthly existence untouched, so such an agenda can leave no layperson uncalled.’
    • ‘The JAP project inserted itself, uncalled, into the turbulent confluence between natural law and state regulation, and signaled its allegiance to the former.’
    • ‘Mr. Hutchings did not himself give evidence, and so I think that I should disregard the evidence of Mr. Hendy where it depended upon the uncalled evidence of Mr. Hutchings.’
    • ‘I responded tightly, evading his question and trying to show my dislike for his uncalled nosiness.’
    • ‘Jade, her eyes clouded by sudden and uncalled memories, said, ‘I used to have a sister two years younger than me.’’
    uninvited, unsought, unasked for, unrequested, undemanded, uncalled for, not required, unprompted, unbidden, unwelcome, gratuitous, volunteered, voluntary, spontaneous
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  • 2uncalled for(especially of a person's behaviour) undesirable and unnecessary.

    ‘uncalled-for remarks’
    • ‘Rudeness is uncalled for and very hard to deal with from people that you don't even know.’
    • ‘Heaping blame on each other between the police and the Lusaka City Council over the issue of the Lusaka street vendors is uncalled for and totally unnecessary.’
    • ‘You wouldn't want your clan to get a bad reputation for dishonorable behavior, even if it's uncalled for.’
    • ‘I freely concede to being flustered: it's very rare that someone is rude to me in such an uncalled for, unjustified manner.’
    • ‘What's more in the circumstances the protests are uncalled for and absolutely unnecessary.’
    • ‘The magistrates described the deductions as shocking, uncalled for and unfair since they were never consulted or notified.’
    • ‘What I did the last time you were here was inappropriate and uncalled for.’
    • ‘Stereotyping as such is unnecessary and, to be quite frank, uncalled for.’
    • ‘It was naive what was done, uncalled for, and unwanted, but all acted out with the best intentions in mind.’
    • ‘‘It is uncalled for behaviour by our beloved soccer fans to indulge themselves in throwing obstacles on the pitch because this would tarnish the image of our football and the nation at large,’ he said.’
    • ‘Prisoner or not such treatment by his guards was uncalled for and degrading.’
    • ‘What you said was not only unfair, but completely uncalled for.’
    • ‘If true such behaviour was uncalled for but it neither excused Zidane's retaliation nor is likely to have surprised Everton fans.’
    • ‘And that was really unfair and totally uncalled for!’
    • ‘At a family therapy session, one family member said something totally uncalled for, provocative, and insulting to another person.’
    • ‘The CIM has deplored the incident as an uncalled for provocation by the miscreants.’
    • ‘Mr Utting should apologise for what were truly inappropriate and uncalled for comments.’
    • ‘His death was more than undeserving, it was unjustified and uncalled for.’
    • ‘This has to do with more than Violet's uncalled for behavior, doesn't it?’
    • ‘That's utterly uncalled for, juvenile, and unwarranted.’
    gratuitous, unnecessary, needless, unneeded, inessential
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