Definition of unbusinesslike in English:



  • Not businesslike.

    ‘it is very unbusinesslike to spend money on tactics that do not improve sales’
    ‘unbusinesslike displays of compassion’
    • ‘His tenacity, patience, humanity, shrewdness in personal dealings, and unblinking focus on essentials more than offset his inefficient, unbusinesslike ways.’
    • ‘I think I understand academic values well enough, and the challenge of trying to make this scholarly publishing business serve those unbusinesslike ends has made my career interesting…’
    • ‘The idea of a television show about the White House in an hour-long drama format, which, given the vast attendant costs, needs the broadest possible audience that exists in any medium today, is, at best, unbusinesslike.’
    • ‘To then refuse to meet to consider altering the deal to fulfil his requirements was illogical and unbusinesslike.’
    • ‘Although that body is not even a private training enterprise, it saw that the bill was an incredibly unbusinesslike and unfriendly approach to the whole exercise.’
    • ‘It's unbusinesslike and it doesn't get you anywhere.’
    • ‘This is unbusinesslike behavior and you don't think you can trust people who are so partisan.’
    • ‘Otherwise the insurer is merely left to a cross-claim in a matter which goes to the risk itself, which is unbusinesslike.’
    • ‘Data such as these, of course, appear to confirm a number of popular stereotypes: of unbusinesslike African Caribbeans and of the thriving ‘Asian’ corner shop.’
    • ‘They are the most unfriendly, clueless, disorganized, unbusinesslike set of people I have ever encountered.’
    • ‘Major businesses all over the world are starting to act in some very unbusinesslike ways.’
    • ‘The Literary Examiner, founded in 1823, was short-lived, and in the same year John's long collaboration with his unbusinesslike brother, who owed him large sums, ended in unhappy litigation.’
    idealistic, romantic, extravagant, starry-eyed, visionary, utopian, perfectionist, unrealistic, unworldly
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