Definition of unburdened in English:



  • Not burdened or encumbered.

    ‘they are unburdened by expectations of success’
    • ‘There we have it, two companies, relatively unburdened by debt, that are getting bigger as the mobile telecom industry expands.’
    • ‘It was interesting to listen to young Indians claim that 1997 was a punctuation mark, that 50 years after British rule ended it was time for the country to get on with its own life, unburdened by the past.’
    • ‘Because Axis is unburdened by commercial imperatives, however, the site does lack a certain pizzazz.’
    • ‘Government press officers seem to feel entirely unburdened by the need to physically alter the past.’
    • ‘A Hero's Daughter has the freshness of a young author, unburdened by fame, writing about issues still alive and important to him.’
    • ‘Largely unburdened by the need to project an alternative vision, Osborne is now aiming to attack the Chancellor's weak position.’
    • ‘Be light and playful, also eat light and remain free and unburdened.’
    • ‘He also wanted his players to practice as if they were individuals, unburdened by their team-mates.’
    • ‘In addition to intelligence, the Creole black possesses a graceful figure, lithe movements, a pleasing face and a gentle language unburdened with any of the accents added by Africans.’
    • ‘Any swap of debt for equity would allow the company to function as a regular business, unburdened by the huge debt, but would likely leave WorldCom common shareholders with next to nothing.’
    • ‘This is where those teams who arrived in Portugal unburdened by expectations of returning home with a trophy are at a possible advantage.’
    • ‘Those who fled at once, unburdened by possessions, had a chance of survival, for the rain of ash and pumice, mixed with lithics, that descended for several hours was not necessarily lethal.’
    • ‘But agile and unburdened, they resent those of us who slow up the pace a little in the frantic chaos of Saturday morning grocery acquisition.’
    • ‘You feel unburdened, free and happy like ‘The Fool’ today.’
    • ‘New shirts and new faces for the folks of the oil capital to cheer on, one unsullied and unburdened by past success or failure.’
    • ‘Irvine will be seen a candidate uninvolved in the recent fighting and unburdened by political baggage who will act as a unifying force for the overall good of the game.’
    • ‘He killed two men but walks through life unburdened by his past because he has turned himself into an act.’
    • ‘These men are dancing, unburdened by gravity and lost in celebration, leveling the sacred and the mundane by moving like graceful angels.’
    • ‘And what an extraordinarily convenient bonus it is for these hypocrites that they get to keep all their salary, unburdened by having to pay school fees.’
    • ‘God's Son taught us that we travel light-heartedly when we travel unburdened by possessions.’