Definition of unbruised in English:



  • Not bruised.

    ‘she was unbruised, just a little dirty’
    ‘unbruised bananas’
    • ‘If they are at room temperature rather than chilled; if they are unbruised, sweet and juicy; if they are promiscuously, gloriously bright; and if they are abundant, there is little else you need for a moment of pure summer joy.’
    • ‘If you need a whole, unbruised clove, microwave it for twenty seconds on high, let it cool and the clove will pop right out.’
    • ‘‘There is not a robot on this planet that you can send to the grocery store and pick up a bag of unbruised apples,’ Zubrin said.’
    • ‘Every mission I sent you on, you come back unbruised.’
    • ‘So far, though, the Wharton kids look as if they'd be content just to survive the daylong workshop unbruised.’
    • ‘The young people, who looked extremely unbruised when I met them, have the advantage of working with one of the greats at close quarters.’
    • ‘I kissed Cordelia very lightly, on the unbruised side of her face, and left the apartment.’
    • ‘Liam sat against the fence, hurt terribly while Van stood, unbruised from the battle.’
    • ‘I fixed the backpack to be on just the unbruised shoulder and slipped my hands in my pockets.’
    • ‘Visitor Phil Burton's birdie two on the short sixth hole secured for him the Super Sawng award whilst the Banana Booby managed the transfer unbruised to be awarded to Steve Nowell for his abominable eighteen shots on hole seven.’
    • ‘Shoving my hair in my baseball cap, I set my backpack carefully on my unbruised left shoulder.’
    • ‘She realizes it's been ages since she's seen him in a suit, his honey-colored hair clean, and his face shaven and back to its unbruised, attractive self for the first time since his mugging.’
    • ‘It says on the sign that you can sponsor his family for a few hours to remain unbruised.’
    • ‘Select fresh, unbruised vegetables and wash them several times.’
    • ‘The unbruised adolescent ego likes its angst to be clear-cut and attributable to the denigrations of an insouciant universe.’