Definition of unbroken in English:



  • 1Not broken, fractured, or damaged.

    ‘an unbroken glass’
    • ‘Doctors are worried because the gene causes the spread of MRSA between healthy people with unbroken skin who would not normally be expected to pick up infections in this way.’
    • ‘When buying the sienna-coloured root, examine it and make sure the skin is unbroken, that there are no mouldy spots and that the smell is fresh.’
    • ‘As a cream or ointment, it can be applied directly to bruises, sprains, strains, chilblains or painful varicose veins - but only on unbroken skin.’
    • ‘The streets are full of dilapidated vehicles, and a ride in a taxi with an unbroken windscreen is indeed a luxury.’
    • ‘We sat there for perhaps half an hour, watching the yachts go sailing by, collecting hundreds of the perfect unbroken shells to fill jars for my bathroom window ledge.’
    • ‘I think of these as wounds where the skin is unbroken, often accompanied by discoloration.’
    • ‘In the recent works, however, the scraping is much less dominant, and much of the paint still stands with its skin unbroken.’
    • ‘The skin is unbroken, but Michael can tell just by the feel that things aren't right inside.’
    • ‘She left, but came back in an hour with an unbroken crystal glass in her purse.’
    • ‘MMA can also be absorbed through even unbroken skin, do permanent damage to the nail's molecular structure and be further absorbed into the body.’
    • ‘He had found several unbroken antique glass insulators which were hot items right now among the cityfolk who collected all sorts of strange things.’
    • ‘Some very gentle grooming with a soft baby brush may help too, as long as the skin is unbroken.’
    • ‘He ran a hand along his chest and side, again and again, but was amazed to find only smooth, unbroken skin.’
    • ‘Served hot, those mouth-watering dumplings are juicy, and the unbroken skin of each xiao long bao holds plenty of flavorsome broth inside.’
    • ‘E tukrensis is able to penetrate unbroken skin and infect mucous membranes, the gastrointestinal tract, and lungs.’
    • ‘Leo was circling Junta, picking up the remnants that were littered around him, salvaging the unbroken glasses and sweeping away the remaining fragments.’
    • ‘Mr D's feet are cool but the skin is unbroken and free from lesions.’
    • ‘Avian pox virus is unable to penetrate unbroken skin, but small abrasions are sufficient to permit infection.’
    • ‘Dilute vinegar should be applied only to unbroken skin (not after shaving), or it will sting.’
    • ‘The safety harness buckles were done up and the harness unbroken - we discussed at the time that the body had disintegrated through the harness.’
    undamaged, unimpaired, unharmed, unscathed, unspoilt, untouched, sound, intact, in one piece, whole, complete, entire, perfect
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  • 2Not interrupted or disturbed; continuous.

    ‘a night of sleep unbroken by nightmares’
    • ‘Woodland thrushes have been especially hard hit by the practice of fracturing forests into many pieces, with the result of creating many edges where once there was one large unbroken area.’
    • ‘What is unique about the Wren in Dingle is that it has continued as an unbroken tradition, under-going changes with the years, but never dying out or being changed in the way associated with conscious revivals.’
    • ‘This tradition continues unbroken to the present day, and the teachings of enlightened Kagyu masters are considered among the most precious jewels of spiritual insight and practical guidance in the world.’
    • ‘Since the 1840s there has been an unbroken link between horses and Victoria's Bogong High Plains.’
    • ‘The endless plains continued unbroken and unaffected by political boundaries.’
    • ‘A particularly annoying feature is the lack of indentation or the skipping of a line between paragraphs, leading to the general appearance of text consisting of an unbroken flow of sentences.’
    • ‘The Colorado River was once an unbroken ribbon of life from the northern Rockies of central Wyoming through the vast arid Southwest into Mexico and eventually the Gulf of California.’
    • ‘A monk brought Buddhism to Korea and started an unbroken tradition of ordained men and women which continues up to the present day.’
    • ‘The ceiling remains a relatively unbroken expanse of acoustical tile, which was selected for its high and uniform absorptive properties across a broad frequency spectrum.’
    • ‘Your best shoe choices create an unbroken line from hem to toe with minimal material that complements - rather than competes with - your pants.’
    • ‘The principal gallery in the east wing provides an unbroken flow of space for 170 feet, almost the full length of the building.’
    • ‘During the film's last act, when Connie has to engage in an almost unbroken crying jag, Arthur's genius at being simultaneously funny and touching keeps the gag from becoming tiresome.’
    • ‘However, for Stukeley, these stone circles were the work of ‘Celtic Druids’ and provided a link in an unbroken chain that connected the religion of Adam and of Noah with the Anglican Church of his own time.’
    • ‘The Hoveringham has one long unbroken hold before a stern mast and small wheelhouse at the stern.’
    • ‘A stand-up ride on an unbroken wave is the ultimate goal for the beginner.’
    • ‘The weather was now becoming more appropriate to California, with mostly unbroken sunshine, but even so a ride of more than a few days requires quite a bit of planning ahead.’
    • ‘In very appealing reasoning it is also argued that the complete unbroken circle, symbolizes the Buddhist wheel of life.’
    • ‘For half a century, the Stock Trader's Almanac notes, stocks had an unbroken string of gains going into the last seven months of presidential election years - until 2000 came along.’
    • ‘Justice Felix Frankfurter in 1952 called it ‘a systematic, unbroken executive practice, long pursued to the knowledge of Congress and never before questioned’.’
    • ‘Well done to Sean O'Reilly, on getting a gold medal for 50 years unbroken attendance at local coursing meetings.’
    uninterrupted, continuous, ceaseless, unceasing, endless, incessant, constant, unremitting, perpetual, non-stop, without stopping, never-ending, ongoing
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    1. 2.1 (of a record) not surpassed.
      ‘a 13-year unbroken record of increasing profits’
      • ‘During her time here, she established an unbroken record of achievements with regard to building and developing the Salem State campus.’
      • ‘My brother Bob as a youngster beat grown men in the sight-reading event, a record which was still unbroken many years later.’
      • ‘Heinrich won the event in six hours, 38 minutes, and 21 seconds, setting a U.S. record and a masters world record that remains unbroken.’
      • ‘Affectionate, brilliant, his school academic records are still unbroken.’
      • ‘But equally, when so much focus of the build-up is placed on records that go unbroken, might there be grounds for refunds at the exits?’
      • ‘In 1989, he gave 63 solo concerts nationwide, a record that is still unbroken.’
      • ‘The Yanks cheated with rule changes to suite themselves during the challenge, so that they could attempt to retain their unbroken record.’
      • ‘This was his fourth win and added to his unbroken fight record.’
      • ‘Weathermen remember that Kochi received 25 cm of rain on that day, which is still an unbroken record.’
      • ‘Crescent may well be realistic enough to accept the fact that retaining the trophy is beyond their means, but there's still that unbroken record to be maintained.’
      • ‘The record was unbroken for half a century until the early 1980s.’
      • ‘The academy have held onto the unbroken record of a squad never coming back to Lismore without a medal.’
      • ‘In 1965 he set a new Irish record for the 220 yards at Santry, which remained unbroken for 14 years.’
      unbeaten, undefeated, unsurpassed, unrivalled, supreme, unmatched, matchless, second to none
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  • 3(of a horse) not tamed or accustomed to being ridden.

    • ‘The old Trek was shocked in himself, because before Andy's death, he never would have dreamed of riding bareback, let alone on an unbroken wild mustang who hates mankind!’
    • ‘The horses were unbroken yearlings and to handle them in such a manner would indicate that whoever was involved had confidence in doing what they did, he said.’
    • ‘Ranch hands would have friendly contests to see who could rope and tie a calf the quickest, or who could stay on an unbroken horse or bull the longest.’
    • ‘But I was very thrilled he won because of course we'd had him from four, when he was unbroken, until 12.’
    • ‘She picked up lizards, rode dangerously stupid unbroken horses, and attempted big jumps on her bike without batting an eyelid.’
    • ‘It sort of amazed him, here was this big animal, ruthless, wild, unbroken and unable to trust, apologizing!’
    • ‘Five judges and you will watch as 10 young unbroken horses enter the arena and meet the clinician for the first time.’
    • ‘Some horses are sold unbroken - that is, before a horse learns to take a rider.’
    • ‘In his early twenties, he was seriously injured after being thrown from an unbroken horse.’
    • ‘There were a dozen or so mustangs in one of the corrals but they were unbroken, and Adam didn't feel himself quite up to bronco busting today.’
    • ‘She was now angry and she stomped like an unbroken horse.’
    • ‘As his success rate increased he added more barns to the one he used for the unbroken horses, and more recently another yard has been built at the side of that wretched gate post.’
    • ‘He pointed at her fine steed, which was currently occupied with kicking his hind legs in the air and stomping and snorting like an unbroken colt.’
    • ‘For Mr. Basil Briscoe the whole career of Golden Miller has been a triumph, dating back to the time when he bought the horse as an unbroken three-year-old in Ireland.’
    • ‘The two devils were as stubborn as an unbroken horse.’
    • ‘Kind of like trying to ride an unbroken horse, it is going to take a while for both of you to get used to one another.’
    • ‘He himself died from a fall from an unbroken colt.’
    • ‘One can either produce for the foal market or produce the three year old either broken or unbroken.’
    untamed, unsubdued, wild, undomesticated, feral
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  • 4(of land) not cultivated.

    • ‘The park protects a vast tract of unbroken tussock grassland that, due to farming and ploughing, is now rare and vulnerable in New Zealand.’
    • ‘I rest my head at last, eyes towards the unbroken ground lay fallow for a duration of nights.’
    • ‘In my rearview mirror, as I drove away, I couldn't help noticing how that dying rabbit seemed to brace the tree it lay against, and the unbroken, wild landscape beyond.’
    • ‘Reindeer herding depends on unbroken tundras and undisturbed vegetation.’
    • ‘There are millions upon millions of acres of unbroken wilderness.’
    • ‘The jeep sped on across barren, unbroken terrain, then its headlights revealed a building up ahead, a large warehouse with corrugated metal walls and roof.’
    untamed, unsubdued, wild, undomesticated, feral
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