Definition of unbreathable in English:



  • (of air) not fit or pleasant to breathe.

    ‘the caves have been closed because the air inside is unbreathable’
    • ‘I'm glad of it for between the smoking of this cut-rate lamp oil & the babe's soggy diapers, the air in here is near unbreathable.’
    • ‘It is a disturbing piece, composed for a city where pollution levels generated by Soviet industry remained notorious long after the fall of Communism, producing air that was unbreathable and water that was undrinkable.’
    • ‘Even lower, the air was toxic and unbreathable from industrial waste and severe radiation.’
    • ‘In the past, miners used caged canaries to tell when the air in a mine was going bad; when the canaries stopped singing, it was time to get out before the air became unbreathable.’
    • ‘The air itself is of course completely unbreathable because it's 95% carbon dioxide.’
    • ‘Does it make sense to, say, work overtime to save local green space when national policies create air so unbreathable it's unsafe to be outside on summer days?’
    • ‘The computer lab in which I work, housing 10 computers in a small, box-like room, becomes like a sauna, with 30-plus degree temperatures and an unbreathable air supply.’
    • ‘But that will thankfully never happen, because without trees and animals, food chains collapse, the air is unbreathable, they die, we die - or maybe no one's thought of that.’
    • ‘The gaping hole in the ship meant that much of the air was completely unbreathable so both men wore their helmets set to recycled air.’
    • ‘The air becomes unbreathable, and in one second they appear from every direction.’
    • ‘Fear, however, is an entirely normal reaction, especially when smoke is thick, truncheons are swinging and the air unbreathable.’
    • ‘Part of the training involved incorporates the use of breathing apparatus which are integral in enabling fire fighters to work safely and effectively in toxic and unbreathable atmospheres.’
    • ‘Newly painted walls, new carpets and new books create an atmosphere that's close to unbreathable.’
    • ‘He says the problem got so bad that it began affecting his asthma, to the point where the air in his apartment became unbreathable.’
    • ‘The noise is unbearable, the air is unbreathable, it takes 8 hours to get to the track, 10 hours to get home, it's 135 degrees in the shade (not that there is any), and you can't see a dang-fool thing.’
    • ‘A steamy gust of something unbreathable gushed out.’
    • ‘The smell of stagnant, rotting waters hung so thickly that the air was nearly unbreathable.’
    • ‘Polluted waters, destroyed forests, unbreathable air, the tiger and the elephant going extinct, the drowning of the Narmada valley, a Chernobyl there, Bhopal here… as many examples as you may want to look for.’
    • ‘In the time she was out, the air had become dense and almost unbreathable.’
    • ‘Apart from the unbreathable air that such coal burning would create, carbon emissions from fossil-fuel burning in China alone would rival those of the entire world today.’