Definition of unbowed in English:



  • Not having submitted to pressure or demands.

    ‘they are unbowed by centuries of colonial rule’
    • ‘Kilmarnock were well beaten, but remained unbowed.’
    • ‘At the start, Casey stands feet astride, ready to take on all comers; by the end she is the walking wounded - bruised, battered and yet triumphantly unbowed.’
    • ‘He went to his reward still battling, still unbowed, still independent, still loving his Baby and family, still loving his football and his native place.’
    • ‘Some referees would have instinctively pointed to the penalty spot but Mr Rennie remained unbowed and, after seeing it again on telly, I have to agree with him.’
    • ‘Central to this concept is the impression of the writer, battered though unbowed by oppression, given safe haven and continuing to struggle from a foreign home.’
    • ‘We're bloodied, as the poet says, but not unbowed.’
    • ‘The Burn, beaten and bloodied, but unbowed are returning to the Edinburgh District League, from whence they came 30 years ago.’
    • ‘Undaunted and unbowed, West, who is a professor of African American studies and religion, has remained outspoken and highly regarded as a public intellectual.’
    • ‘They fought like lions and went down with spirit unbowed.’
    • ‘Untilted lives up to its title, finding Booth and Brown unbowed in their belief that clinical repetition and street-smart hip-hop beats can coexist in the universe.’
    • ‘For a man who has been criticised vociferously over the past few months, he looks supremely unbowed.’
    • ‘Edwards smiled in exasperation and Key was still there at the end - unbeaten and unbowed.’
    • ‘The only man to retire from the punishing demands of the heavyweight category unbowed by defeat in any fight was Rocky Marciano.’
    • ‘Unbeaten, unbowed, even if bloody, their war is waged against opposition from whatever its source, be it opposing spectators or the police.’
    • ‘Frostbitten but unbowed, the girl and her guitar soldier on.’
    • ‘She looked like an escapee from a casualty ward during the final stages of the heptathlon competition in Australia, bruised, bandaged but unbowed.’
    • ‘Currie were unbowed by that setback and Ward returned to the fray just in time to help the home pack drive over for the bonus point try, with Andy Slight applying the final touch.’
    • ‘Tired but unbowed, they were out again to make their case.’
    • ‘Dunfermline have had a horrendous start to the new season and entertain Celtic today, but their manager's enthusiasm remains unbowed.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Jason Cross returns from E3, broken glasses and recovering from illness, but nonetheless unbowed.’
    undefeated, unconquered, unvanquished, unsubdued, unsurpassed, unequalled, unrivalled, unbroken
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