Definition of unblinkingly in English:



  • See unblinking

    • ‘And just as Woyzeck culminates in murderous tragedy, so does Blood Money cast its gaze unblinkingly upon the darkest elements of human experience.’
    • ‘While the film is unblinkingly brutal, with several sequences that border on the tragically absurd, Schickel doesn't see The Big Red One as an anti-war film.’
    • ‘They insist he was happy with his lot and his legacy - and unblinkingly use the word ‘sacrifice’ when describing his decision to return to the frontline.’
    • ‘I do not doubt that environmentalist and Islamic terrorists, given the opportunity, would unblinkingly unleash calamity on the scale of the worst nuclear war scenarios of a generation ago.’
    • ‘But I do know that the majority of people unblinkingly, unthinkingly nod and drool at whatever the Wraith Industry spews our way.’