Definition of unbeloved in English:



  • 1Not loved.

    ‘he plays Anne's unbeloved room-mate’
    • ‘Setting some kind of record for foot dragging in this sometimes maddeningly stodgy town, the campaign to replace our 40-year-old white elephant of a hall is now nearly half as old as that unbeloved building itself.’
    • ‘A city official proclaimed recently that ‘Marseille is the unbeloved child of France.’’
    • ‘She too left her uncle's study to prepare for the journey ahead, and leave a little farewell note to her unbeloved King Chastain.’
    • ‘Sure our unbeloved Portland Trail Blazers have a perfect record for the first time since 1.5 years ago.’
    • ‘Has there, in fact, ever been so great a player so universally unbeloved as the esteemed Mr. Bonds?’
    • ‘Far more fruitful for pure kitsch purposes is the unbeloved, resplendently bad 1970s version that helped send Barbra Streisand's movie career into an aesthetic swoon from which it never truly recovered.’
    • ‘But note, we'll keep those unbeloved empty constructors, cause they are essentially for the internal factories and we like to ensure their existence.’
    • ‘And thy wit shall then be awakened, and thou shalt know indeed/Why the brave man's spear is broken, and his war-shield fails at need;/Why the loving is unbeloved; why the just man falls from his state;/Why the liar gains in a day what the soothfast strives for late.’
    • ‘Winner of the most comments on the subject goes, of course, to my unbeloved Chowhound.’
    • ‘All of the personal computers on the Internet, as well as the super computers and other resources, are tied together in one mammoth national computer that has unbeloved power and capabilities to solve problems.’
    • ‘As it turns out, these two D.I. releases were put out by a later, unbeloved version of D.I., a band founded by ex-members of the Adolescents.’
    • ‘Acceptance into GOI isn't solely based on academic merit, not when our unbeloved Shrub went, and not now.’
    uncared-for, unwanted, friendless, uncherished, unvalued
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    1. 1.1unbeloved by/of Not popular with (a specified set of people)
      ‘he died unmourned and unbeloved of his people’
      • ‘Many do, but many consider themselves to be rejects of the Universe, unbeloved by God or by anyone else.’
      • ‘Yet he is as one that dies while he lives; though not altogether as one unbeloved by divine beings.’
      • ‘It is much beloved by ‘liberal’ US critics…which has to be a lot better than unbeloved by them.’
      • ‘In spite of strenuous effort, Mr Heath remained less popular in the country than the party he led and unbeloved by his own rank-and-file.’
      • ‘Will and Laroussi score points for keeping their heads cool, and the DPA news agency henceforth joins the long ranks of Germans unbeloved by the international community.’
      • ‘Persona non grata at Honda, and unbeloved by Michelin, his options are few, and his high profile comes with a high risk.’
      • ‘Famous American Poets have to be the weirdest breed ever, and no wonder: they are incredibly learned, yet totally unread, unbeloved by the masses, monetarily unrewarded and bound to die in obscurity.’
      • ‘In ‘The Battle of the Trees,’ the fruit trees are ‘mischievously’ badmouthed: the raspberry is said to be ‘not the best of foods’; the plum is ‘a tree unbeloved of men’.’
      • ‘Shelley saw how, as the sun faded among the trees just as we would see it now: ‘pallid evening twines its beaming hair in duskier braids around the languid eyes of day: silence and twilight, unbeloved of men, creep hand in hand’.’
      • ‘May, a month unbeloved by superstitious sailors, managed nevertheless to inject a surprise note of optimism into German executives.’
      • ‘But her mood shifts when the suspicious death of newspaper tycoon Luther Read, a patriarch unbeloved by his offspring, sets Lucy on the trail of a possible parricide.’
      • ‘The finish of dining room furniture articles is such that it is completely unbeloved of any toxic elements used in its touching-up.’
      • ‘So this dwarf, who must have known he was of inferior genetic stock and unbeloved by God decided it would be a good idea to breed.’
      • ‘In 2004, Dracula the Musical, an adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel with music by Frank Wildhorn, was unbeloved by critics and closed after an unprofitable five-month run.’
      • ‘Davis Cup is unbeloved by many in or close to the tennis business, and its extended schedule is difficult for the players.’
      • ‘It is a genre unbeloved of Hollywood because it mines that area most difficult to portray on film - thought.’
      • ‘He is particularly unbeloved of Russian immigrants, especially after the extremely effective advertising campaign.’
      • ‘No wonder he was unbeloved by the people, for he turned aside as he listed into the houses of men, and took away their wives and daughters, and kept them with him as long as he liked.’
      • ‘Then there's Vijay Singh, unbeloved of women golfers everywhere but a man strong enough to come back to win the week immediately after his regrettable comments.’
      • ‘There were so many introductions, I barely got to the Dialogue Concerning the two Chief World Systems, so unbeloved of the Pope in Galileo's time.’