Definition of unbeholden in English:



  • Owing no one any duty or thanks; free of any obligation.

    • ‘So what would provoke an exceedingly individualistic, sufficiently unbeholden band to pledge such slavish devotion to a classic rock titan?’
    • ‘Only Asta, the child he brings up, can pierce his rebatative soul, but she wishes to live unbeholden to him.’
    • ‘Within weeks of Elián's arrival in Florida, cyberspace was hosting myriad Eliáns on sites unbeholden to Cuban-U.S. antagonisms.’
    • ‘Jeunet, who returned to France after an unsatisfying Hollywood stint on Alien: Resurrection, felt nostalgic himself for a golden age of French cinema unbeholden to the American movie juggernaut.’
    • ‘A liberal to me is one who - and it suits some of the dictionary definitions - is unbeholden to any specific belief or party or group or person, but makes up his or her mind on the basis of the facts.’
    • ‘As a minister and educator to the hill farmers of north Alabama, Pickens was unbeholden to Bourbon patronage, and he was soon to wield his own printing press.’
    • ‘It was an agenda that left him unbeholden to the political left or the right.’
    • ‘Your editorial today is a nicely written spray, which makes good use of your unbeholden position - a very timely contrast to The Age!’
    • ‘No props or assistance from outside myself: pure, intrinsic, unbeholden.’