Definition of unattested in English:



  • Not existing in any documented form.

    ‘if a will contains unattested changes, the changes will be disregarded’
    ‘the burial of horses is rare and unattested anywhere else on mainland Greece’
    • ‘The name "Chrestus" is otherwise unattested among the Jews.’
    • ‘Some scholars occasionally propose an unattested revision of Mark, a deutero-Mark, being the base of what Matthew and Luke used.’
    • ‘To be a man's name it would have to be a contraction of Junianus, of a sort of contraction which is otherwise unattested.’
    • ‘Why do some patterns typologically common, while others are rare or unattested?’
    • ‘Note that those like Mack, who can be awarded respect for their hypotheses of documents otherwise unattested, are not at an advantage over our thesis.’
    • ‘On the other hand, we've learned how to reconstruct unattested proto-languages from their attested descendants and how to work out the family tree of related languages.’
    • ‘Some have falsely taken evidence of change in the 2nd and 3rd centuries as a "guilt by association" validation of unattested changes in the 1st.’
    • ‘Yet not one of the names in this list of nationsis historically unattested, not even that of the unlikely-sounding Gepids.’
    • ‘Perhaps less than 50 were really otherwise unattested.’
    • ‘This bespeaks a congruence that belies the alleged dichotomy, which Gerdmar again finds unattested in specific underlying data.’
    • ‘The merchant Sebastian Vizcaino, sailing up the southern California coast, names Syuhtun and the area sheltered by the islands Santa Barbara, in honor of an unattested 3rd century martyr.’