Definition of unattempted in English:



  • Not previously attempted or embarked upon; untried.

    ‘he had long dreamed of making the hitherto unattempted journey by car’
    • ‘The encouragement is understandable as you are attempting a big challenge, something unattempted earlier.’
    • ‘If there was a flaw in the production it was the New York accents, which sounded British and artificial and might best have been left unattempted.’
    • ‘You can also think of a case of leaving the question unattempted.’
    • ‘He will leave nothing unattempted to overturn the Government of this Country.’
    • ‘In the case of an incorrect or unattempted question the actual answer will appear along side in red text.’
    • ‘What exactly would it mean to present poetry upon a plan hitherto unattempted for consumers in a hurry to get their poetry when not doing real business?’
    • ‘At the end of semester, unsuccessful or unattempted results will not appear on transcripts of academic record or statements of standing but will be held by the Office of the registrar in internal records.’
    • ‘And at the same time, evidence will appear whether attempted sleep is substantially different from unattempted sleepiness in active subjects (USAS, for instance driver sleepiness).’
    • ‘I sincerely wonder if the invention of the telephone was an equally convenient excuse for previously unattempted types of flirtation on the parts of bored spouses.’
    • ‘We believe in openness - this Government has opened up Whitehall and beyond in ways unimagined, unattempted and unrealised by any previous government in the UK.’
    • ‘If there are any unattempted question/s then warning message will be displayed saying, ‘you have unattempted questions.’’
    • ‘From classic '80s rock to original heartfelt ballads, Tongue Tied A Cappella covers a broad spectrum of previously unattempted a cappella sounds.’
    • ‘You can review the entire set of attempted and unattempted questions, so even if you skip questions, it's easy to go back to the unattempted ones.’
    • ‘But progressivism is surely about looking and moving forward into the unattempted and undiscovered country.’
    • ‘Milton himself, in the Argumentum that begins the poem, claims to have produced the greatest poem ever written, ‘things unattempted yet in prose or rhyme.’’
    untested, unestablished, new
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