Definition of unascertained in English:



  • Not confirmed or ascertained; unknown.

    • ‘Nevertheless, it strikes us as being more honest to raise the suspicion that accidental upper airway obstruction may be a factor in the death and to give the cause of death as unascertained while giving appropriate support to parents.’
    • ‘An inquest which opened into her death was told the cause of her death was unascertained.’
    • ‘The reason for this is that, apart from commercial sales of future, unascertained goods where description is crucial, the courts have restricted s. 13 to descriptive words which identify the subject-matter of the contract.’
    • ‘In conclusion, Professor Berry would have given the cause of death as unascertained, and in his view the post-mortem was not sufficiently thorough to document the possible injuries that might indicate a pattern of care of the child.’
    • ‘Returning an open verdict, the deputy coroner concluded that the medical cause of death was unascertained.’
    • ‘In view of the extreme rarity of three deaths without explanation occurring in the same family I have given the cause of death as unascertained pending further investigations.’
    • ‘The difference between this case and Mezzacappa is simply this: in Mezzacappa the husband was left, as it were, with the unascertained assets and the wife was left with the ascertained assets.’
    • ‘The Foundation says increasing numbers of baby deaths are registered as unascertained in Government cot death figures, a figure that today stands at 419, a five-fold increase since 1994.’
    • ‘In this case the reality is that the husband traded his wife's unascertained share as well as his own between separation and trial, particularly committing those undivided shares to the investment in Baco.’
    • ‘The inquest in Leeds was told yesterday that two post-mortem examinations proved inconclusive and the cause of her death has been recorded as unascertained.’
    • ‘The only disagreement between the doctors was whether it did so to a sufficient degree to permit a firm conclusion that the cause of death was unnatural or whether the case had still to be classified as an unascertained cause of death.’
    • ‘The cause of death, he said, was properly regarded as unascertained.’
    • ‘Your Honours, the first major problem with this application is that it would result in the Court deciding an issue on unascertained facts.’
    • ‘Please keep her from harm, he wished to some unascertained presence.’
    • ‘There is no basis for asserting that Allianz had any right to any ascertained or unascertained part of the sponsorship money.’
    • ‘A force spokeswoman said: ‘The cause of death was unascertained but the body was identified as that of Rebecca.’’
    • ‘His death is officially recorded as unascertained due to natural causes, but specialists who examined his case have told his family they have put it down to sudden adult death syndrome.’
    • ‘We used to call this sudden infant death syndrome, but some coroners are turning away from that and saying the cause of death is unascertained because that is a more honest reflection of the situation.’
    • ‘Partial failure of consideration is a valid defence where a liquidated amount is involved; but it cannot be raised where the amount involved is unascertained or unliquidated.’
    • ‘However the cause of her death was unascertained and we now await the results of toxicology tests.’
    unresolved, yet to be decided, uncertain, unsure, unclear, unsettled, indefinite
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