Definition of unarticulated in English:



  • Not mentioned or coherently expressed.

    ‘previously unarticulated anger’
    • ‘So, for instance, he explores the many, often unarticulated, ways in which goals are crucial to human living and to the life of faith.’
    • ‘In an odd way, the eagerness of existential aliens in both plays to forge a bond with the official Venetian alien serves to underscore an unarticulated affinity felt between two sets of men.’
    • ‘Her technique hinges on the unarticulated and the tenuously suggestive, even the subliminal.’
    • ‘Until recently, local concern for nestling architecture into the landscape was implicit and largely unarticulated.’
    • ‘Those are very strong words to describe what I reckon was a conscious but unarticulated strategy by Channel 10.’
    • ‘But the ‘exception’ can also refer to those most fundamental assumptions which frame political discourse while remaining invisible and unarticulated.’
    • ‘I think that understanding these rough fault lines helps to recognize the unarticulated starting points that lie behind many modern legal debates.’
    • ‘The nationalism (and hence the spoken heterosexuality and unarticulated lesbianism/queer sexuality) of the album, however, is compromised by its visual subtext.’
    • ‘The direct link between economic freedom and unfettered self-expression is the unarticulated subtext of the many biographies of stars from this era.’
    • ‘As the authors explore the uncharted spaces of diaspora subjectivity, they confront the unarticulated implications of vertigo as a cultural phenomenon.’
    • ‘Those who conceptualize power from the first dimension are ‘opposed to any suggestion that interests might be unarticulated or unobservable’.’
    • ‘The unarticulated aims of the movement are, surely, what leaves it open to criticism, though?’
    • ‘I weep at his unarticulated rage, his suppressed fury, his casual despair.’
    • ‘People's priorities thus remain largely unarticulated in the absence of a decentralization process.’
    • ‘It's always kind of a vague, usually unarticulated threat that's waiting to destroy your life, like a big cinderblock falling down on your head when you walk down the street.’
    • ‘This broadly political concern, though, remained unarticulated in a coherent way.’
    • ‘Because we accept unacknowledged, therefore unarticulated, premises that inhibit us from identifying causes and eliminating them, we deal with the effects only of our most pressing problems.’
    • ‘This motif of self-imposed silence, of unarticulated anguish, reappears in other of Gaines's novels and is made all the more prominent by his customary emphasis on the speaking voice.’
    • ‘But writers must write, and they will spell out the political argument that the movie only implies, thus making it harder for the film's unarticulated, inherent argument to influence people.’
    • ‘Eliot's protagonist speaks aloud, to himself and to his readers, relying on unarticulated but implicit similarities between his situation and theirs.’
    unstated, unexpressed, unuttered, unsaid, unmentioned, unvoiced, undeclared, unavowed, not spelt out, mute, silent, wordless, voiceless
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