Definition of unappreciated in English:



  • Not fully understood, recognized, or valued.

    ‘she had been brought up in a family where she felt unappreciated and undervalued’
    • ‘When I was a player I thought of myself as a very outstanding player who was neglected and unappreciated by the coach.’
    • ‘Consequently there will some in the group whose work will go unnoticed, but not unappreciated, while there will be some who receive the accolades.’
    • ‘Society's tardy recognition will not go unappreciated.’
    • ‘It can be very demoralising for the people who do help out to have their efforts unappreciated.’
    • ‘That doesn't mean the entire thing is unappreciated - in fact I'm totally amazed by the number of people who've come out in support of this.’
    • ‘I felt overworked, undervalued, and unappreciated.’
    • ‘The theory of natural selection thus postulates a causal relation wholly unappreciated by natural historians before Darwin.’
    • ‘Unexpressed or unappreciated ideas manifest themselves in empty speech bubbles near the mouths of many characters.’
    • ‘When they didn't, she felt utterly shattered and unappreciated, to the point where she is now talking of resigning.’
    • ‘There probably remains a bit of residual Girault in all of us, accustomed as we are to being overlooked and unappreciated.’
    • ‘He gave his time and labour with a reckless generosity and could be deeply hurt when it was spurned or unappreciated, which was sometimes the case.’
    • ‘Of the smaller old-growth woodlands that have survived, most have gone unrecognized and unappreciated.’
    • ‘One might view Interiors as a stern rebuke for a life both unappreciated and without any sense of self-sufficiency.’
    • ‘These women had never felt valued as children and still felt unappreciated.’
    • ‘You are universally unappreciated and disliked.’
    • ‘Not all of us are like that but we all are brothers and I for one appreciate their pain and feelings of being unappreciated for their service.’
    • ‘This, of course, was accompanied by me feeling used and unappreciated which led to me not honoring his time as much and being late for our sessions.’
    • ‘His attempts at poking fun at himself were unappreciated, and the audience started openly asking for him to leave.’
    • ‘But jobbing Scottish players who have become fixtures at the club go largely unappreciated by the green and white legions these days.’
    • ‘He was a capable writer, articulate and persuasive, but he also had a rare gift, one that is often overlooked or unappreciated.’
    unremembered, out of mind, gone clean out of someone's mind, past recollection, beyond recall, past recall, consigned to oblivion, obliterated, blotted out, buried, left behind, bygone, past, gone, lost, irrecoverable, irretrievable
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