Definition of unannounced in English:



  • 1Not made known; not publicized.

    ‘they want their identities to remain publicly unannounced’
    ‘the company has justified its recent unannounced addition of large amounts of chlorine to its water’
    • ‘Around 20 officers will be mounting action days throughout July stopping vehicles in unannounced locations.’
    • ‘In that capacity, he also held the Secret Vote - the unannounced appropriations for the secret intelligence services.’
    • ‘It turned out to be an unannounced dancing lesson - all for no charge!’
    • ‘Maybe the nastygram I sent resulted in an unannounced free month?’
    • ‘I want them to think they will get swift, unannounced and violent death.’
    • ‘Taylor's unannounced departure marked his first known travel to a war zone outside the city since the rebel siege began.’
    • ‘Anyway, Hans is headed off to a new but as yet unannounced gig.’
    • ‘His daughter Margaret is writing a book about her unusual childhood and a biography by Paul Alexander is seeping unannounced into bookstores.’
    • ‘They are unannounced contenders for the Democratic nomination.’
    • ‘The yet unannounced venue has a capacity of only 1000, so get tickets quick for what will be one of the most amazing shows this year.’
    • ‘His departure, after six years in the job, went unannounced.’
    • ‘Twenty years were needed for my next six films to be produced, the last two in the strange conditions of an unannounced war.’
    • ‘And staff have to practice it from time to time in an unannounced way.’
    • ‘I'm aware that the past week has been the longest unannounced hiatus I've taken from posting since this site started.’
    • ‘The show, one of a series of unannounced public rehearsals, is a challenge for audience and band alike.’
    • ‘Law slipped out of Boston unannounced and secretly traveled to Rome.’
    • ‘Part of their appeal is that spy satellites are supposed to travel over their target areas unannounced and undiscovered.’
    • ‘The IRC said it was very difficult to remain informed as to the fortunes of immigrants who leave the country unannounced.’
    1. 1.1 Without previous notice or arrangement and therefore unexpected.
      ‘he arrived unannounced’
      • ‘You drop in at a friend's place one evening unannounced.’
      • ‘One day he stormed into my office unannounced and unexpected.’
      • ‘Because of what folk have seen on the streets, complaints have been made and as a result we have twice had unannounced checks carried out by Trading Standards officers.’
      • ‘Lancashire already has 60 lay visitors who turn up unannounced in police stations across the county to check on detainee treatment and conditions.’
      • ‘And, although they didn't know it, their parents had decided to make the big day even more perfect by turning up for the wedding unannounced.’
      • ‘No, when they want to bring things up they drop around unannounced for a chat.’
      • ‘All 54 public acute hospitals were audited in unannounced inspections during the summer and graded as good, fair and poor.’
      • ‘He showed up unannounced at the home of Copenhagen's prima ballerina and insisted he be allowed to dance Cendrillon for her.’
      • ‘Dad used to turn up unannounced and stay for about three days.’
      • ‘The authority regulates all clinics by routine annual inspections, plus unannounced inspections, in an effort to keep mistakes to a minimum.’
      • ‘Members of White Watch at Bransholme Fire Station were stunned when Mr Prescott turned up unannounced in front of the building on Saturday morning.’
      • ‘If the fish have got used to the sudden onset of winter that arrived unannounced last week, then some good sport can be expected from the roach population of the waters below the city.’
      • ‘And I had moved out of an apartment I rented from him because he kept coming in uninvited, unannounced.’
      • ‘Mobile teams can arrive unannounced and undertake actions that are not normally expected of your average officer.’
      • ‘It was an unannounced addition by the actors to the ordinary programme of the day.’
      • ‘But to come in unannounced, and make an insensitive comment like that so early on, was nothing short of an insult to the dead and suffering.’
      • ‘Farm inspections under most schemes should be unannounced.’
      • ‘He said the inspectors, who arrived unannounced, toured maintenance workshops and asked questions.’
      • ‘He said the unannounced check found that the tills were short of money, which he replaced from other funds, and several delivery dockets were missing.’
      • ‘Groups singing carols and folk songs to the beat of local musical instruments would arrive unannounced at any time of the night.’