Definition of unamused in English:



  • Not responding in a positive way to something intended to be amusing; feeling somewhat annoyed or disapproving.

    ‘she was unamused by some of the things written about her’
    • ‘He looked at his partner with an unamused expression on his face.’
    • ‘Bird-lover Johnson was unamused: ‘I didn't think it was all that funny.’’
    • ‘My hairdresser is severely unamused at this intrusion, and begins cutting my hair forcefully and faster, with her lips pressed tightly together.’
    • ‘In fact, from what I understand via this gruff, unamused, and obviously overworked nurse, white Vaseline is used in dermal allergy testing as a base.’
    • ‘One deeply unamused officer strides purposefully up the street to me.’
    • ‘In fact, I'm not sure I'm conveying how unamused he looked.’
    • ‘His face looked distant though, and rightly unamused.’
    • ‘She said she looked like a mess then, and I could hear an unamused lady at the table next to us mutter, ‘Yeah, right.’’
    • ‘Let us say that she was… unamused… to discover that still more time had to elapse before her movie.’
    • ‘This was greeted by a flood of laughter, and Sasha's voice, unamused.’
    • ‘Well I can imagine Banksy being unamused by the first of those.’
    • ‘But the woman looked back at him with disdain, unamused.’
    • ‘His unamused plutocratic patrons had it painted out.’
    • ‘Simpson, however, was still in that unamused and unamusable state of a very drunk man who is wondering whether he can avoid being sick, and he did not respond.’
    • ‘They sat there with expressions perplexed, paranoid, perturbed, patently unamused.’
    • ‘Even the most open-minded and forward thinking of us will be unamused, baffled by its popularity.’
    • ‘In a similar way, the first time I saw The Office I was pretty unamused, but after another episode or two I loved it.’
    • ‘There is a nice shot of contrast, capturing a black woman in the audience doubled over in hysterics, while behind her at the edge of frame sits the unamused glare of an alabaster female face.’
    • ‘Now Dolly was really unamused, and came over to me, to complain.’
    • ‘Seeing Eva's unamused look, he quickly added, ‘Why, of course I'll join you for tea.’’
    humourless, grim, glum, moody, sour, surly, dour, sullen, sulky, gloomy, scowling, glowering, sombre, lugubrious, mournful, melancholy, melancholic, doleful, miserable, dismal, grumpy, churlish, grouchy
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