Definition of unamplified in English:



  • Not amplified.

    • ‘Peers voted by 151 to 115, majority 36, to exempt most unamplified live music in pubs from the provisions of the Licensing Bill, aimed at shaking up Britain's outdated drinking laws.’
    • ‘One hundred thousand unamplified phage were rescued with Exassist helper phage in SOLR cells to generate a library in pSKII for EST sequencing.’
    • ‘The defiant, unamplified drum solo that followed was quite amazing and ended with Mr. Baker being carted off stage by security staff.’
    • ‘At the forum's height, it was not unknown for twenty or thirty meetings to proceed simultaneously, each speaker conducting a passionate, unamplified declamation.’
    • ‘In the crisp, cool air, the unamplified sound was stunning.’
    • ‘There is utter concentration as ten thousand ears focus on the raw unamplified voice emanating from the stage - a truly live performance and a spine tingling moment.’
    • ‘Even ‘Somewhere’ is wonderfully fractured, featuring his penchant, often witnessed in live shows, for switching between amplified and unamplified playing across the changes, even mid-phrase.’
    • ‘One final consideration is these signals are unamplified line-level, so the speakers need to be the amplified type that accept line-level inputs.’
    • ‘Elvis repeated the stepping away from the microphone trick a few more times during the set, which gave me a chance to notice that his unamplified voice was more in tune than his amplified voice.’
    • ‘Great art often involves confrontation, as Björk proved two weeks ago during a beautiful performance at Riverside Church in New York, where she allowed her unamplified voice to echo through a tiny chapel.’
    • ‘The space, surfaces, and materials were coordinated to deliver clear and vibrant sound from unamplified individual instruments and voices.’
    • ‘I'm not saying that we could realistically expect a return to the unamplified, three hour speech-a-thons that characterized 19th-century politics.’
    • ‘The phrase hung in midair, unexplained, unamplified, which had to be the way the administration wanted it.’
    • ‘One unamplified singer, however, would be a criminal offence unless licensed.’
    • ‘A total of four 150-mm plates that contained 31,500 plaques from the unamplified A. aegypti genomic library were screened under the conditions described above.’
    • ‘By the park entrance, a trio of young musicians performed unamplified bluegrass tunes.’
    • ‘Cork Opera House is an impressive venue, though despite the name, it was not really built with live unamplified music in mind.’
    • ‘I swiftly discovered that my unamplified voice can penetrate cement.’
    • ‘Once upon a time, when music was played by unamplified instruments, the instruments' construction determined what the music sounded like, and what the musicians heard was just what the audience heard.’
    • ‘Talking to the strings and Glover afterwards, they seem less than thrilled with the sound, which is unamplified except for the piano and bandoneon.’