Definition of unambivalently in English:



  • See unambivalent

    • ‘Much of what Kerry offers unambivalently is simply not realistic.’
    • ‘Yet according to a 2003 survey conducted by a pro-choice organization, ‘only 30 percent of women were unambivalently pro-choice.’’
    • ‘It allows for a participation that, by virtue of simultaneous commitment to another religion, cannot be unambivalently wholehearted, and will inevitably exhibit some sign of restraint, even fragmentariness.’
    • ‘But all Americans would be much better off if Indians felt unalienated, and proudly and unambivalently Indian and American, just as the Frisians feel proud to be both Frisian and Dutch.’
    • ‘Like many in the documentary, he's a good talker - these were films, after all, with reams of dialogue - but I think I prefer the Easy Riders Raging Bulls version of Friedkin when he was unambivalently immoral.’