Definition of unamazed in English:



  • Not amazed.

    • ‘Some are touchingly intimate: my sister-in-law received a set of pastel-colored cotton panties from her middle-school homeroom students, and to my utter amazement was utterly unamazed.’
    • ‘My sister and I sat amazed at how unamazed he was at his own stupidity.’
    • ‘He would therefore be utterly unamazed to read some of the reviews currently being written of this movie.’
    • ‘My users are unamazed that they have to register to post with a chosen name.’
    • ‘This is a twenty some mile trip, it isn't cheap, but I'll eat my sombrero if you manage to do it and then come away unamazed and undelighted.’
    • ‘We live, most of the time, unamazed by marvels and we all need from time to time simply to watch and wonder at what is around us and, indeed, at ourselves.’
    • ‘I was very unamazed by the service and setting.’
    • ‘The BOL which ‘flies’ across a crop circle and six unamazed people is also quite interesting.’
    • ‘All in all, I'm really unamazed by how little $299 gets you.’
    • ‘I would be quite unamazed to discover it was a fake put up by Lord Byron and friends on a whim.’
    • ‘On our fact-finding trip we were totally unamazed at the standard of diving in Beqa Lagoon.’
    • ‘Prepare to be wholly unamazed.’
    • ‘I was pretty unamazed with it… but I think it was pretty low budget.’
    • ‘My companion seemed to be unamazed by the events.’
    • ‘I shuffled down the hall, head bent, murmuring, then recited three stanzas to a delighted teacher but unamazed third grade.’
    • ‘The problem comes in where after five episodes, her husband still is skeptical and unamazed at her powers.’
    • ‘Knowing them to be a laid-back outfit, I was unamazed by the absence of copies, promotion or even mention of any new Gollancz title.’
    • ‘The older I get, the more music I hear, the more unamazed I get that music of this quality is summarily ignored.’
    • ‘Sanders would zoom into the end zone, come to an abrupt stop, then flip the ball to the official, equally as unamazed at himself as everyone else was amazed.’
    • ‘Anyone who has seen me regularly tangle with such brain-teasers as effect/affect, it's/its or theirs/there's would be absolutely unamazed that I might misspell the longest word in the English language.’