Definition of unalive in English:



  • Lacking in vitality; not living or lively.

    • ‘I found the length of my arm of a card catalogue on the topic ‘nithe neamhbheo agus neacha nach bhfuil ann’ (‘unalive beings and things that don't exist ’).’
    • ‘I am unalive.’
    • ‘In reviewing an Iggy Pop concert in the March 28, 1977 issue of Village Voice, he praised Pop for his willingness to risk his personal safety on stage: ‘This is a person who feels profoundly unalive, or, conversely, so rawly alive, and so imprisoned by it, that all feeling is perceived as pain…’’
    • ‘Under the influence or not, Williams seems somehow unalive, unaware of how to make prose sing, or people breathe.’
    • ‘The need for continued research into the affinity for what is unalive is still an important task for students of psychoanalysis and psychiatry.’
    • ‘Erich Fromm's 1955 tome The Sane Society signaled the debut of the one-dimensional “marketing character” -- a robotic all-consuming creature who is “well-fed, well-entertained, but passive, unalive, and lacking in feeling.”’
    • ‘One comes out knowing, and caring about a panoply of new friends and acquaintances, living and dead and unalive.’
    • ‘Thus the personal or professional concern of scientists for values is in many ways flawed by being based on unalive, mechanical values.’
    • ‘So what if you make a million bucks a week if you hate getting out of bed, hate your work, feel indifferent to your product or service and, in general, you are unmotivated, unalive and… bored?’