Definition of unaligned in English:



  • 1Not placed or arranged in a straight line, in parallel, or in correct relative positions.

    ‘unaligned diagonals’
    • ‘But that quartet of loving and resentful, wounding and forgiveness-begging infighters - sometimes funny, sometimes pathetic, and ultimately tragic - is now a car with unaligned wheels lurching ahead on a bumpy road.’
    • ‘We present a new method for the identification of conserved patterns in a set of unaligned related protein sequences.’
    • ‘Shirt buttons unaligned, fly unzipped… It wasn't unfounded.’
    • ‘We recently developed a method for producing comprehensive gene and species phylogenies from unaligned whole genome data using singular value decomposition to analyze character string frequencies.’
    • ‘In this demonstration, 30 vehicles exhibit unaligned collision avoidance behavior.’
    • ‘Unlike the Barcelona Pavilion, with its directional Modernist space and unaligned column and paving grids, at the Farnsworth House the column centers align with the grid of the travertine floor, classicizing the design.’
    • ‘Across groups I, II, and III, amino acid identity in pairwise Needleman-Wunsch comparisons of unaligned sequences was approximately 25% on average.’
  • 2Not allied with or giving support to a particular organization or cause.

    • ‘He led Israel out of the bloc of unaligned nations and adopted a pro-Western orientation.’
    • ‘And many, many unaligned individuals shouted, sang and danced their way through the cobbled alleys.’
    • ‘I draw to the attention of the previous speaker, who claims to be from the only unaligned party, the fact he gave a speech that could have been given by either of the two old parties, and I do not believe that he has examined the bill correctly.’
    • ‘Zappia's crime is that he is factionally unaligned.’
    • ‘In that context, could no one be an unaligned refugee?’
    • ‘Tito managed to keep his nation unaligned with either the Soviet Union or Western countries.’
    • ‘Not every voter declares allegiance to a political party, but even those unaligned voters have a dizzying array of names to choose from.’
    • ‘Many Democratic lawmakers are only beginning to focus on the race for the nomination and say they plan to stay unaligned until it is more fully developed.’
    • ‘NLC seats were overwhelmingly won in urban areas with the votes of an unaligned electorate.’
    • ‘Daphne McDonald is unaligned and she voted against the pay rise the same as I did.’
    • ‘I think that there's a large majority of the school that aren't necessarily pro-Israeli or pro-Palestinian, but are unaligned or don't know anything about the subject and yet we are making it their opinion.’
    • ‘It left a number of Federal Labor MPs factionally unaligned, and these people are now in real trouble, and I guess citing the need for rejuvenation, people like Shorten are on their way in.’
    • ‘Above all, he must be seen by all political groupings to be unaligned and impartial.’
    • ‘But the campaign's polls had found that unaligned voters wanted detailed solutions to middle-class woes.’
    • ‘But the thing to remember is that we are unaligned and do not have a vested interest in anything other than to glorify our own names in the pages of art history.’
    • ‘He and his wife, Carlene, are unaligned with the reigning social hierarchy - and they like it that way.’
    • ‘Zola, Leboeuf, Gustavo Poyet and Albert Ferrer were on the other side of the fence, with most of the others quietly unaligned.’
    • ‘It was also seen by some as an implicit rebuke to right-wing Republicans who had alienated unaligned voters by their apparent intolerance and belligerence.’
    • ‘Although nominally unaligned nations exist outside these two ideologies, the vast majority of these recalcitrant states could never join the ‘other side.’’
    • ‘The victims, as usual, were the unaligned citizens caught in between.’
    non-aligned, unaffiliated, unallied, non-allied, non-participating, uninvolved, non-interventionist
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