Definition of unaired in English:



  • 1Not exposed to the open air for ventilation.

    • ‘He said without that freedom Britain would be ‘a society with a veneer of tolerance concealing a snakepit of unaired and unchallenged views’.’
    • ‘Because otherwise social conventions and inequalities would be unbearably stifling and irksome, and terrible things and events would remain festering in our minds, unaired.’
    • ‘‘We actually had a great time on the U2 tour,’ says Manson, ‘but there were already a lot of unaired issues.’’
    • ‘Dinner remained unplanned, the curtains unaired, the floors unswept - Alexia stood swiftly and left the room for the kitchen.’
    • ‘Distressed to count at least six pairs of chinos clearly unaired this side of winter during my half-hour journey, I was heartened to see the attire of an old man as I awaited the lift.’
    • ‘You can almost smell the house, thick with the stench of unaired rooms, the pulped food with which Pattie is spoonfed - and despair.’
    damp, musty, chilly, clammy, wet, moist, moisture-laden, humid
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  • 2Not previously broadcast.

    ‘the original unaired pilot episode’
    • ‘I think there are unaired episodes, which they'll probably show.’
    • ‘The leftover unaired performances were often as good (if not better) and a valuable treasure trove for fans of the particular artist.’
    • ‘The previously unaired footage is scheduled to be broadcast at 6 p. m.’
    • ‘DVDs of Firefly, including the unaired episodes, are planned for later this year.’
    • ‘Selecting "play all" will give you the original, unaired pilot episode and then the entire aired story.’
    • ‘Both decided that the network would have to turn over unaired videotapes to civil litigants in a federal civil rights case.’
    • ‘The two bonus tracks (which were unaired on the original broadcast) of new cuts just aren't up to snuff.’
    • ‘Disc Two also contains 25 additional unaired skits.’
    • ‘The first is the unaired pilot episode of The Greatest American Heroine.’
    • ‘The upcoming DVDs will include unaired episodes so if you want to watch them unspoiled, don't read.’
    • ‘Speaking of that unaired pilot, it's the highlight of the extras.’
    • ‘The third unaired episode, more of a conventional action story along the lines of Seven Samurai.’
    • ‘Another unaired Firefly script is online for reading.’
    • ‘At least, the unaired episodes on the DVD give a judicious kick, following through on a nicely drawn story arc.’
    • ‘A little more on the disappointing side are two unaired episodes.’
    • ‘This series pilot was rejected by the network and remained unaired until the very end of the show's run.’
    • ‘Fortunately, seven unaired episodes will give fans something to really dive into.’
    • ‘The episode includes one of the funniest gags of the entire series - that was unaired even in this episode's solitary airing on ABC.’
    • ‘The last disc includes an unaired pilot, which focused on Hefner himself instead of the girls.’
    • ‘Only the unaired pilot is provided in addition to the twelve episodes.’