Definition of unadventurous in English:



  • Not offering, involving, or eager for new or stimulating things.

    ‘he was the unadventurous type’
    ‘an unadventurous menu’
    • ‘Forget those conservative, unadventurous tags and think bohemian, diverse instead - after all, where else could you walk barefoot and feel totally at home?’
    • ‘Traditionally, the food industry has taken a rather unadventurous outlook, nurturing secrecy and marketing based on the classical avenues of flavour, price and predictability.’
    • ‘Few, even among Dutch painters, led such an unadventurous life, yet in his dedication to his art, and the sacrifice of his well-being to his unremitted meticulous toil, he fell little short of the heroic.’
    • ‘His choreographic language is traditional and a little unadventurous but he has made a ballet which exudes self-confidence and fun.’
    • ‘Marsh, who joined in 1978, personifies the BBC's ‘serious’ side, with a reputation among staff as demanding if unadventurous.’
    • ‘In an era when life is lived at breakneck speed and anyone who's anyone is a cool, cosmopolitan coffee quaffer, the reliable, unadventurous, humble old cuppa ain't where it's at any longer.’
    • ‘If you strayed over to BBC Four on the night that the 2004 British Folk Awards were broadcast, you won't need reminding how utterly unadventurous our traditional music scene has become.’
    • ‘We've been really unadventurous and painted it in exactly the same colours as the living room in Halifax was (Crown Period Colours), which we really liked.’
    • ‘Halibut with beurre blanc, from the list of plats du jour, may sound unadventurous, but there was nothing dull about it, especially since a subtle hint of fennel enhanced the dish without ever threatening to overpower it.’
    • ‘The art collections were criticised for being unadventurous, and the building's basement, which has very little natural light, was ill - suited to its use as an exhibition space.’
    • ‘Even in the last couple of decades, Pamela has often been treated as an unadventurous or unappealing apprentice work - a stage that Richardson had to go through before he could get around to something worthwhile.’
    • ‘The M8 ‘improvement’ project sums up the unadventurous government of low ambitions that is led by Jack McConnell.’
    • ‘At a certain point I determined that pretty much everything I was thinking about was pretty unadventurous and everyone knew it already so I kind of left my sketches and doodles aside and only fiddled with them when no one was looking.’
    • ‘In reality, I'm just a unadventurous kinda girl.’
    • ‘These aren't bad things at all - it's the trite Italian-American menu unadventurous eaters adore.’
    • ‘But Denève appears to see this not as a depressing indictment of our unadventurous approach to music, more as ‘a cliché to be changed’.’
    • ‘Since then, his unadventurous diplomacy has led him to some roles unsuited to more outspoken figures.’
    • ‘And while the elements forming the core of the ten compositions presented here remain pretty straightforward and unadventurous, the process applied by Cichy and Pudlo gives this album its consistence and body.’
    • ‘Its attempt to comment on everything from politics to time travel, child abuse and mental illness makes most American films of the past year seem staid and unadventurous by comparison.’
    • ‘If Zadie came to a dinner party at my house she would probably conclude that I was some kind of white supremacist; or at least very, very boring and unadventurous.’
    cautious, careful, prudent, chary, circumspect, wary, hesitant, tentative, timid
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