Definition of unadopted in English:



  • (of a road) not taken over for maintenance by a local authority.

    ‘the turning led her along an unadopted road for half a mile’
    ‘access roads are to remain unadopted’
    • ‘It's an unadopted road, as are many in this area.’
    • ‘Currently Walden Gardens is listed as an unadopted road, meaning it is the responsibility of residents with frontages on the roads to maintain and upkeep these highways, rather then that of the council.’
    • ‘A spokesman for the county council said the responsibility of the road currently rested with the developer, as it was an unadopted highway.’
    • ‘There was also a problem with accessing the site from an unadopted road and the application was incomplete.’
    • ‘Speaking at the meeting, Councillor Ashley Dearnley said: ‘I am glad common sense prevails and we keep a service going for people who live in rural areas and unadopted roads.’’
    • ‘The majority of alleys in Leigh are classed as public highways and residents who wish to have alley gates installed have to go to court to have the alleys classed as unadopted roads - which allows them to install the security measure.’
    • ‘Living on an unadopted road we receive no surface maintenance, no street lighting, and the only evidence of a police presence is to set a speed trap virtually every Sunday to snare motorists in a revenue generating exercise.’
    • ‘Residents of Milton Road, Lawford, are so fed up with waiting for their unadopted road to be repaired that they have decided to do the work themselves.’
    • ‘But the plans mean the path would be 100 feet long leading only to the unadopted road and a muddy track unsuitable for wheelchairs.’
    • ‘He says he put the soil, which he says is actually scrapings of road surfaces, at the bottom of the unmarked road and it will be used for road repairs following complaints about the state of the unadopted highway.’
    • ‘The £29 charge for the replacement of stolen wheelie bins is expected to be reconsidered and there could be action on poorly-lit streets and unadopted roads.’
    • ‘He wants to start the ball rolling for regeneration cash in Frizinghall, a largely Asian-populated area of unadopted roads and rented Victorian terraces, many suffering from neglect.’
    • ‘The proposed site is a mid-terraced property with parking space for one car in the back garden area with access from an unadopted road.’
    • ‘The Council is fobbing-off its responsibility because I was not aware this was an unadopted road until recently.’
    • ‘A plaque put up in 1981 by the Salford Astronomical Society is still in place a hundred yards away in Scarr Wheel, an unadopted road from where it was first thought Crabtree had observed the transit.’
    • ‘As one of the residents on Plevna Terrace I would like to point out that upgrading the unadopted road is certainly not for our benefit.’
    • ‘In addition, contractors working on the site were likely to damage an unadopted road.’
    • ‘I've got an unadopted road by me he goes on, otherwise it's just around the garden, and it's not exactly giving him experience.’
    • ‘Oakmead Road, Point Clear, is an unadopted road which residents have to maintain themselves.’
    • ‘And even though the road is unadopted and not legally under their care they brought cones and marker spray to use on the flags.’