Definition of unadjacent in English:



  • Not adjacent.

    • ‘It is a sum, coincidentally, not entirely unadjacent to that achieved by Kenny Dalglish on Friday during his own argument in court.’
    • ‘When Tom Palmer made his first visit to New Zealand, as a rugby-playing student, he travelled at the back of the plane, his knees not unadjacent to his chin.’
    • ‘Knoxland is a grim housing estate not unadjacent, perhaps, to Silverknowes, where the four gloomy tower blocks are named after Scottish writers: Stevenson, Barrie, Scott and Burns.’
    • ‘Ecco Shoes CEO Mark Diehl and wife Trudy had been renting the house while the Clarkson-Sauls squatted at Rideau Hall, paying a sum not unadjacent to $5,000 a month.’
    • ‘However, the distance between clearly unadjacent characters is useful for evaluation.’
    • ‘Mr Roberts declined to discuss the size of the settlement but well-placed cathedral sources disclosed last night that it is ‘a figure not unadjacent to £60,000’.’
    • ‘On greens so fast and hard that freshly-sharpened darts would have been hard pressed to stay on them, the field were in disarray, averaging something not unadjacent to 80 for the final, nonsensical round.’
    • ‘But Frank has learned that the Stronachs also pledged a sum not unadjacent to $45,000 to kingmaker Orchard's campaign.’
    • ‘Did said marketing specialists wind up using a list not entirely unadjacent to the ones that consist of ‘400 billion genuine email addresses’?’
    • ‘At a cost to taxpayers not unadjacent to $30,000, Caccia this summer is treating constituents to a tree-hugging mail-out entitled ‘The Greening of Our Streets, ‘all about the worthy endeavour of urban tree-planting.’’
    • ‘Speculation from sources not unadjacent to AMD are putting a $300m price tag on Intel's commitment to promote Windows XP.’
    • ‘Still, Woods, as befits a man being paid an appearance fee reported to be not unadjacent to $2.5m, was careful not to make waves at the end of what had to be a frustrating experience.’
    • ‘The gals perform a funny begging bowl song, dedicated to the plight of the company, which receives a public grant of something not unadjacent to £7.3m per annum.’
    • ‘In his last year at the PMO, Charlie's hospitality expenses were not unadjacent to $20,000.’
    • ‘Strangely, no comments from Paras' many former associates - a number not unadjacent to 12 in the past couple of years or so, I understand.’