Definition of unacknowledged in English:



  • 1Existing or having taken place but not accepted, recognized, or admitted to.

    ‘her unacknowledged feelings’
    • ‘He put it down by the door, its presence and nature recognized but unacknowledged by either of them.’
    • ‘Swindon Counselling Service, a registered charity, has 16 years of experience in helping people to get through rough patches in their relationships and also come to terms with unacknowledged emotions.’
    • ‘Maybe his contradictory impulse to both risk and protect Maggie, which represents his ambivalent, unacknowledged rage towards his daughter, has brought the shadow into existence.’
    • ‘Underlying this is the unacknowledged fact that surfing is surfing, no matter how you do it.’
    • ‘Illness therefore, can sometimes reflect psychological processes which are either unacknowledged or seemingly unrealisable.’
    • ‘Anger over that unacknowledged history remains potent in the Baltic nations of Latvia, Lithunia and Estonia, annexed by the Soviet Union in 1940 and given independence 14 years ago.’
    • ‘On the other hand, whilst trying to find information on the Slavic / Russian Goddess Lada, I've become aware of exactly how much unacknowledged cribbing and copying of information is going on out there.’
    • ‘On the one hand they provide a forum, a space, for work that might struggle to find an airing elsewhere, providing a small, often unacknowledged but necessary, forum for debate and experimentation.’
    • ‘By contrast, dissatisfied spouses' behaviour changes were more likely to stay unacknowledged, showing the two partners were independent actors in the discussion.’
    • ‘Decline and death are unacknowledged possibilities because they threaten Homo Faber's claim to potency, control, and invulnerability.’
    • ‘As a brassy cross-dressing farce, Connie and Carla is an energetic, if obvious, take on sexual role-playing and fake baritones, driven by a plot-line that is an unacknowledged steal from Some Like It Hot.’
    • ‘As they wrestled with their search for the mega-solution, a cyclist passed by, unseen, unacknowledged, and smiling.’
    • ‘According to EFT, unacknowledged emotions underlie the positions in the negative cycle.’
    • ‘The more powerful rules, however, may be unspoken, unacknowledged or even unconscious.’
    • ‘Because we accept unacknowledged, therefore unarticulated, premises that inhibit us from identifying causes and eliminating them, we deal with the effects only of our most pressing problems.’
    • ‘Think ingenuity, and the usual names crop up, but exceptional management and leadership lurk unacknowledged on the corporate fringe.’
    • ‘Like the Rathergate and Swiftvets story, the scene seems set for an invisible and unacknowledged meme to exert a powerful influence on mainstream news.’
    • ‘The disorder of the gathering, manifest in the unready table as well as in the uncertain alliance among its members, resonates with the fleeting image of a bodhisattva that is unacknowledged and unseen.’
    • ‘A symbol has multiple meanings and some resemblance to what it is supposed to represent, which in most cases is an unacknowledged idea or one the individual is not conscious of.’
    dormant, quiescent, inactive, untapped, unused
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  • 2(of a person or their work) deserving but not receiving praise or recognition.

    ‘his ideas have made a striking, if largely unacknowledged, comeback’
    • ‘As a boy, he heard of Nat Turner's rebellion and as a young man saw his unacknowledged father and brothers go away to fight in gray.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, his ideas still retain a potent though unacknowledged influence in Chinese minds.’
    • ‘That is the unacknowledged stepfather of rave culture.’
    • ‘In the silence - observed by everyone but Ruth, who gave a talk each evening - I felt unseen, unacknowledged.’
    • ‘Visit Sangre Grande Hospital and see these unacknowledged heroes who serve without fuss of fanfare, Minister Rahael.’
    • ‘Suffice it to say, the enemy of an unacknowledged enemy is not our friend.’
    • ‘His best friend, Trompo Loco, wants nothing more from life than some attention from his unacknowledged father, Julio's secret boss Eddie.’
    • ‘These would comprise what I consider to be our historically unacknowledged heroes.’
    • ‘Previously known but sadly unacknowledged reader Eli Forester did the trigonometry.’
    • ‘But she is not unacknowledged among ordinary men and women.’
    • ‘One of them is previously unacknowledged reader Carl Feynman, who wrote in about the bizarre SOHO image mentioned below.’
    • ‘Who would like to walk around all day invisible and unacknowledged?’
    • ‘Like Aristotle - his unacknowledged master throughout Parts 3 and 4 of the Ethics - he believes that moral questions can be objectively posed and objectively answered.’
    • ‘His fortune changes when he is revealed to be the unacknowledged son of a wealthy white man who has left his large estate to Marchand.’
    • ‘The sight of his own unacknowledged children brings the rake of the title closer to his reform.’
    • ‘Was he the unacknowledged father of Madeleine's ‘sister’ (actually her daughter), Armande, whom Moliere married when she was twenty and he forty?’
    • ‘They are called dance captains - some of the most unacknowledged people in musical theater.’
    • ‘Shelley thought poets should be recognized as unacknowledged legislators.’
    • ‘Women are the invisible workforce and the unacknowledged backbone of the family.’
    • ‘The image of being robbers might represent an unacknowledged side of yourself that is taking something valuable - time or attention, perhaps?’
    unnamed, unidentified, anonymous, incognito, unspecified, uncredited
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