Definition of unaccomplished in English:



  • 1Showing little skill.

    ‘an unaccomplished poet’
    • ‘He, too, has seen relatively unaccomplished academics present testimony on behalf of the Crown.’
    • ‘It's frustrating because I think that people think that poor people are dumb or unaccomplished or something.’
    • ‘Have you ever felt really unaccomplished after meeting with friends you haven't seen in a long while?’
    • ‘Also, humans are considered unaccomplished runners when compared to mammals such as pronghorn antelopes, which can sprint at 40 miles an hour (60 kilometers an hour) for several minutes.’
    • ‘This is a singularly unaccomplished and unimportant man.’
    • ‘The unaccomplished DV photography rarely enlightens our understanding of the characters.’
    • ‘Her ‘sisters’ in the same opera are similarly lackluster and technically unaccomplished.’
    • ‘How can I have so many talents yet feel that I am so unaccomplished?’
    • ‘Nor was it that I felt that they are unaccomplished musicians.’
    • ‘Prior to his visit to France, Hume was unaccomplished and without a degree.’
    • ‘Feeling rather unaccomplished of herself, she walked back inside Merrywether's inn, and again almost collided with him.’
    • ‘Upon hearing Robin's life and crimes, they all laughed at him; they saw him as an unaccomplished criminal.’
    • ‘No longer would a majority of unaccomplished rookies be paid more than accomplished veterans.’
    • ‘Now, when I arrived in unutterably chic Aix-en-Provence, I was a totally unaccomplished drinker.’
    • ‘However, the oft-times champions struggled to come to terms with rather unaccomplished opponents, and they only scored twice in the opening 14 minutes.’
    • ‘They call him ‘a disingenuous, unaccomplished liberal.’’
    • ‘Consider the ‘tell’ of poker players, the anxious movements that betray an unaccomplished liar, and the seductive mannerisms of someone you know is interested in you before they speak.’
    • ‘He is an unaccomplished young cleric who has no chance to prosper through the normal channels of scholarly advancement.’
    inexpert, unskilful, unskilled, without finesse, incompetent, incapable, talentless, amateur, amateurish, unqualified, untrained, dilettante, maladroit, blundering
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  • 2Not accomplished or carried out.

    • ‘In this materialistic age, such offsprings are rare who fulfil the will of their parents and complete their unaccomplished work without economical benefits.’
    • ‘If it's possible to go the moon, it must also be possible to accomplish any unaccomplished goal.’
    • ‘I was about to leave, my planned interview with Commissioner Regis unaccomplished - he was out - when a furious woman marched in.’
    • ‘Despite Morris's decision to make a budgetary commitment to the plastic arts concept, implementation of the concept remained undefined and unaccomplished for many more months.’
    • ‘Encourage him or her to revisit the unaccomplished goal when he or she is ready.’
    • ‘If this huge task remains unaccomplished, the change and transformation of local government will be seen as meaningless by our people’ said Tshwete.’
    • ‘Looking back, there is little that I would now regard as incorrect, although much is incomplete and most of it has gone unaccomplished.’
    • ‘The business we are in does not allow room for us to declare someone else's mission either accomplished or unaccomplished.’
    • ‘However, literacy for all – children, youth and adults - is still an unaccomplished goal and an ever moving target.’
    • ‘After a tussle and some screaming, he ran out, mission unaccomplished.’
    • ‘It falls to Hockney and his supporters to dispose of traditional explanations and the numerous non-optical explanations for detailed effects in individual paintings - a task as yet unaccomplished.’
    • ‘Led on by false promises and unaccomplished hopes, I lay down and fade away into oblivion.’
    • ‘Once the Blackburn Rovers boss began talking in terms of helping Cole achieve his one unaccomplished ambition, there was no going back for the 30-year-old.’
    • ‘It anticipates a different future, as yet unaccomplished, that will organize the peasant land in resistance to imperial threat.’
    • ‘So for me Saving is an unaccomplished goal.’
    • ‘The same support was given to emphasizing the need for social reform, presented as an unaccomplished goal of the revolution.’
    • ‘So if he believed his visit yesterday would be enough to quell major doubts about this issue, we must inform him that this was mission unaccomplished.’
    • ‘Within the marble-walled palace there is an aching sense of a mission unaccomplished.’
    • ‘So while many of the ideas driving this company are sound, their transmission to the show's viewers is often unaccomplished.’
    • ‘It has freed the architect to create heretofore unaccomplished curvaceous form, and new service areas are emerging in the ‘information-age’ frontier marketplace.’
    uncompleted, incomplete, unfinished, undone, half-done, unperformed, unexecuted, undeveloped, unfulfilled, neglected
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