Definition of un-Americanism in English:



  • See un-American

    • ‘Nowhere has your un-Americanism been more poignantly explained and demonstrated than on the New York Times opinion pages over the last two days.’
    • ‘The ignorance and un-Americanism that filled this comment is astounding.’
    • ‘The drama darkens, of course, John Rankin and J. Parnell Thomas ride into the golden shtetl to accuse them, with their swimming pools and yachts and second, younger, gentile trophy wives, of un-Americanism.’
    • ‘Do these polls demonstrate un-Americanism?’
    • ‘In light of the Palmer Raids and the growing belief that ‘outsiders’ were threatening American institutions, the steel strike became a symbol of un-Americanism, not of a legitimate battle between labor and capital.’