Definition of ultralight in English:



Pronunciation /ʌltrəˈlʌɪt/
  • Extremely lightweight.

    ‘an ultralight notebook computer’
    • ‘It's devoted largely to author Twight's theory and practice of alpinism - his drastic gear weight reduction methods go far beyond simple ultralight camping.’
    • ‘Bikes, ultralight cars and even some regular cars don't exceed this flex threshold.’
    • ‘HP Compaq makes a full range of laptops from ultralight portables to full-spec desktop replacement models.’
    • ‘Often, the weight they're most worried about carrying around is inside their computer bags, where even an ultralight laptop, with all the accessories that pack on the pounds, can tip the scales.’
    • ‘Coming together with Inspiron 8000 is Inspiron 2100, an ultralight notebook that weights only 1.65 kg.’
    • ‘There must have been a dozen billboards around Big Spring announcing the US Nationals and encouraging locals to come up with tandem flights and ultralight instruction.’
    • ‘HP Compaq makes laptops from ultralight portables to full - spec desktop replacement models.’
    • ‘The high price here reflects the use of expensive, ultralight materials such as magnesium and titanium alloys.’
    • ‘Take the keyboard, traditionally the weakest component of ultralight notebooks.’
    • ‘This is no time for ultralight lures and dainty presentations - tie a big plug onto big line with a big knot, and hang onto the rod.’
    • ‘The ultralight construction restricts winter use, but for three-season backpacking or bicycle touring, it is an excellent bet.’
    • ‘The company placed Crusoe in new ultralight PCs from Sony, Fujitsu, Hitachi and NEC.’
    • ‘Under Part 103, an ultralight vehicle can carry only one occupant and can be used only for sport and recreational purposes.’
    • ‘Jayne appears to feel that the issue of Sport Pilot is way too politically sensitive (so one wonders why she published this fine article to begin with) with other forces in other ultralight associations battling our interests.’
    • ‘Most users will go for either budget or workhorse models with frequent travellers opting for the ultralight models and power users for the desktop replacement models.’
    • ‘Toshiba will shortly be shipping ultralight Libretto models in Japan based on Transmeta's Crusoe, and with a claimed battery life of up to 14 hours.’
    • ‘No person may operate any ultralight vehicle in a manner that creates a hazard to other persons or property.’
    • ‘But the cautious approach should not include the use of ultralight leaders.’
    • ‘It came back with a new name, L.O.F.T. (Light - weight Optimum Feel Technology) and a Kevlar-reinforced core wrapped in ultralight aspen.’
    • ‘Today's ultralight laptop computers run at blazing speeds.’


Pronunciation /ˈʌltrəlʌɪt/
North American
  • ‘he has taken to flying ultralights’
    another term for microlight
    as modifier ‘ultralight aircraft’
    • ‘These competing organizations provided for the self regulation of ultralight pilots in much the same way that the USHGA is the body that governs self regulation for hang glider and paragliders.’
    • ‘Inventor of flexible wing technology wins Katharine Wright Award Gertrude Rogallo and husband developed prototype that led to hang gliding, ultralight flight’
    • ‘People were encouraged to come out to the airport for tandem and ultralight flights.’
    • ‘Some flocks were imprinted on the filmmaker/ornithologists, thereby enabling the latter to fly ultralight planes alongside the birds.’
    • ‘Please urge all ultralight owners with BRS units (or even hand-deploy parachutes) to re-evaluate the series of attachments that connect the pilot to the airplane, to the parachute, and to both.’
    • ‘The members range from non-pilots to ultralight hobbyists to fighter pilots and astronauts.’
    • ‘The FAA has indicated that this benefit will only be available to individuals who were registered with an ultralight organization prior to the effective date of the new rule.’