Definition of ultra-fashionable in English:



  • Extremely fashionable:

    ‘a centre for ultra-fashionable shopping’
    ‘ultra-fashionable bags that combine style and practicality’
    • ‘Every so often, a company or sector becomes ultra-fashionable and demand for the shares concerned pushes prices far in excess of their fair value.’
    • ‘Much of her acquisition of objets d' art was done through Paris art dealers, who were making the Rue Saint-Honore a centre for ultra-fashionable shopping.’
    • ‘Why not be brave and do this autumn's ultra fashionable androgynous look by donning a 40s inspired Tux?’
    • ‘In San Francisco, one of the pioneers of authentic Mexican food and fine tequila thrives far from the pulse of today's ultra fashionable urban drinking scene.’
    • ‘Written and directed by series creator Michael Mann, Miami Vice will co-star Colin Farrell and Foxx as ultrafashionable narcotics cops Crockett and Tubbs.’
    • ‘Flying to or from Hawaii had, by 1940, become the ultra-fashionable way to traverse oceans.’
    • ‘If you look at the shape of some of these ultra-fashionable shoes, you can clearly see that their shape doesn't remotely resemble the shape of the foot, and so obviously they cause damage.’
    • ‘An animated Snow White, an ultrafashionable leather-clad Evil Queen, and the Seven Dwarfs' diamond mine turned into a late-night disco are just a few of the many surprises.’
    • ‘McGinley is bringing two further developments to Irish investors in New York before the year is out - one on 23rd Street, another in the ultra-fashionable Tribeca district.’
    very popular, in fashion, in style, in vogue, the craze, the latest craze, the thing, the latest thing, in demand, in great demand, much sought-after, ultra-fashionable
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